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5 Important Guidelines to Manage Student Behaviour inside the School Bus

Monday September 21, 2015



Students are about 50 times more likely to arrive at school alive relying on school transport services than if they drive themselves or with their friends. It is the safest means to transport children to school. There are a lot of factors that contributes to the safe atmosphere of school bus. The expected student behaviour is one among the greatest contributions from the student- part that ensures safety.

The credit of school bus transportation goes to the various security measures associated with it. For school transportation to live our expectations, positive student behaviour is essential.

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5 Guidelines Begins Here;

Guideline #1 Proper Behaviour

Respecting the comforts as well as the needs of fellow passengers are really important inside a school bus. Make it a point to teach children the importance of good manners. Students who violate the expected behaviour pattern must be expelled from the school bus.

Guideline # 2 Follow the rules

As the school bus transportation provider, it’s the responsibility of the schools to implement the best rules that can make school transportation enjoyable and safe. Children should never be encouraged to use offensive language, fight, spit, eat, and drink inside the bus.

Guideline # 3 Respect the Property

School bus is the private property of the school hence it’s the responsibility of the children to make sure that it is not vandalised.  They should have tenderness towards the school bus. Allow them to decorate their school bus during special occasions.

Guideline #4 Driver Responsibilities

Drivers have got their own part to play. They hold the responsibility of driving the transport in a protected way additionally guaranteeing the well-being and security of all the children. They are expected to react to crisis in a suitable way. Children must obey the driver and their commands.

Guideline #5 Bus Pass

Children must be given special bus passes which they must carry daily to the school bus. Just like an identity card it is essential for the safe travel of children. Students must show the pass to the driver on boarding when requested. Lending or borrowing the pass must be strictly restricted. Like an identity card, passes serves its purpose.

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Dealing with the Inappropriate Behaviour; Things to keep in mind

Depending on the gravity of the incident, students will be punished. Never ignore inappropriate behaviour.

  • Unacceptable conduct like offensive language, disobeying the driver, damaging the school bus eating on the bus, smoking, spitting, distracting the driver and failing to bring travel pass leads to:
  1. Loss of financed school travel benefits for up to two school weeks
  2. Permanent suspension from school transport facilities
  • Dangerous Conduct like bullying other students, letting any part of your body project from the transport, utilizing lighters and other dangerous items leads to:
  1. For the first offence loss of funded school travel privileges for up to four school weeks and 10 school weeks for subsequent offences
  2. Ban from travelling in school bus is also applicable
  • Extremely dangerous behaviour like interfering with the safety equipment inside the school bus, pushing other students outside the bus, harassing the driver and students and destruction of school bus leads to:
  1. Permanent ban from school travel subsidies and privileges
  2. Police will be informed about the incident
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