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Ways to Improve Fleet Driver Performance

Friday May 22, 2015


A school bus driver is an important asset for a school. However, some of the practices they follow can cost the school a huge amount. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance the performance of school bus drivers. This can help in cutting down costs, in terms of labour, fuel and maintenance. It can also help in ensuring school bus safety.

Initially, they may refuse to change. But, you can try these tips to improve your school bus drivers’ performance:


Being appreciated can boost anyone’s confidence. Also, it will encourage them to strive harder. Appreciate the school bus drivers for their good performances, in terms of driving style, safety measures they take etc. Also, criticize in a positive tone whenever required.

Give feedback

It should be mutual. You can provide feedback to the drivers about their performances. You can engage all drivers while providing feedback and compare their performances in a positive manner. This can instil healthy competition among the drivers. Also, lend an ear to what they have to say. Listen and take necessary actions if they complain about student behaviour problems or any other issues.

Track their performance

Use School Bus Tracker software to track the performance of school bus drivers. You will get all information about their performance, good or bad, using the software. When the drivers are aware that they are being watched, they are less likely to be careless.

Reward them

Acknowledge the school bus drivers for their good performance. Provide them occasional incentives for anything good they do. It includes taking safety measures, reducing fuel consumption etc.  You can use School Bus Tracker software to track the performance of the drivers. Reports on fuel consumption, distance travelled, unscheduled stops etc. can be generated using the software. Also, provide them with free lunch on days when they have to stay in schools on days of school trips or the sort.


Hold seminars or classes occasionally for the school bus drivers to let them know how a good gesture from their side can be beneficiary.  Talk to them about how that can alter their performance to improve fuel efficiency and lessen maintenance costs. Inform them about the policy changes happening in the school, if any, and how it can positively benefit them. Also, give them the opportunity to clarify their doubts and to clear misunderstandings.

School bus driving is one of those jobs where their efforts are not recognized. Rewarding the school bus drivers occasionally with few bonuses or incentives is going to improve their performance. You will get a safe driver rather than huge bills of damages and fatalities due to careless driving. Also, your school transportation services will be improved in the process.

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