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TrackSchoolBus Crosses 1 Lakh Website Visitors!

Saturday October 15, 2016


Thanks to everyone who has visited our website!

What started as a simple blog in July 2014 has over one lakh visitors today. We hope this is just the beginning and we’d be able to offer valuable safety tips, information and solutions to people around the world.

People across the globe are aware of the safety issues surrounding school buses and has reached out to us with various tips and requests for safety software such as gps software. Safety software makes a huge difference in terms of preventing accidents and other safety issues. They also help school managements run their bus fleets quite efficiently.

Google analytics - trackschoolbus

The first 6 months were pure struggle as there were hardly any visitors. But strong efforts continued to flow in from the team of writers, seos and designers with a single focus on providing maximum value content. Their efforts worked wonders as the online audience slowly began to make the website a destination for valuable school bus tracking information.

Once again, thanks to all our readers, and to our marketing team – Jointviews

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