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10 Top Wearable GPS Tracking Devices for Kid Safety

Monday July 9, 2018


Modern-day parents experience many challenges, among which the toughest one is ensuring the safety of their school-going kids or when they are out of their sight. When children grow, they may eager to explore, drive limitations, and may create their own set of laws.

However, the wearable GPS trackers for kids will allow parents overcome the challenges easily. Whether your kid is at an amusement park, on a family outing, or on a school tour, these devices will offer you a peace of mind in knowing that they are safe.

Here is the list of 10 top wearable GPS tracking devices to ensure your kids' safety.

1. AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker

angelsense kids gps tracker product image

This GPS tracker for kids from AngelSense comes with a bounty of features, ranging from security-area setup to quickest updates. This is the best monitoring device for parents, particularly for those having kids with autism or with other disabilities, who may often get lost.

This tracker offers the necessary protection to such kids and serenity to their parents.  The Listen-In function feature of the device allows parents to track their child’s daily activity, guaranteeing their disabled kids are not neglected, ill-treated, or lost.

2. hereO 2 GPS Watch for Kids

hereO 2 gps watch for kids product image

Even though kids' GPS trackers are available in all sizes and shapes, this GPS Watch for Kids is a perfect companion for them as far as their safety is concerned. This aesthetically designed kid's tracking device comes with a range of vivacious colors, which will definitely attract the fashion sense of your child, so they will wear this device throughout the day with the greatest interest.

As it comes with a slim design, it will offer a comfortable fit to your kid's hands. This tracking device comes with proximity alerts, location history, safety-zone setup, and other beneficial features. Thus, you can rest guaranteed that your kids would be in a safe condition wherever they go.

3. AmbyGear Smartwatch

Ambygear smartwatch product image

This Smartwatch from AmbyGear will create an interest in your kids to wear it throughout the day. This is because it will keep your kids busy all through the day with fun games, besides allowing them to learn activities. The tracking watch will reward your kids with points and optimistic reinforcement whenever they do something right. This wearable tracker will also allow your children to track you. This feature will be quite helpful whenever your kids feel scared or panicked.

4. Weenect Kids GPS Child Tracker

Weenect kids gps child tracker product image

Weenect designs this kids GPS child-tracking device with sophisticated tracking abilities. It comes equipped with a live atlas, compass, as well as with the distance countdown trailing. This allows the device to offer supreme location precision, which, in turn will offer the required serenity to the parents. Besides a panic button, security region setup, and both-way calling facilities, this tracking device has the ability to cover all the essentials to make your kids feel safe.

5. My Buddy Tag Bluetooth Wristband

My Buddy Tag Bluetooth Wristband product image

Usually, kids will feel a great pleasure when they are in pools, but simultaneously, it will also make them drown sometimes. In this situation, the role of Tag Bluetooth Wristband from My Buddy appears. This tracking device will aid you considerably in tracking your kid when he or she is out of your sight.

The unique feature of this tracking device is its warning system. This system will warn your kids when the wristband is submerged in the water for five successive seconds. It will send out a warning, assisting to keep your child safe when he or she is playing in the pool.

6. Amber Alert GPS Locator

Amber Alert GPS Locator product image

Every parent would strive to keep their kids safe in all scenarios, but they cannot predict everything. Occasionally, some unforeseen happens, so during these troublesome situations, the kid GPS tracker from Amber Alert can aid substantially in lessening the odds of troublesome scenarios.

This tracking device comes with imposing features, such as place tracking, warnings, and speed discovery. It will assist you to monitor the whereabouts of your kid at all times. It can even tap into database of the National Sex Offender to display whether your kid is inside 500 feet of a sex criminal. Thus, you will be capable of preventing a crime potentially earlier than it happens.

7. GizmoPal 2 Kids GPS Watch

GizmoPal 2 Kids GPS Watch product image

Although little ones are the major part of the life of every parent, unfortunately, they cannot be with their kids at all times. Your children will have their own life, ranging from the daycare to the after-school actions. This GPS Watch from GizmoPal will allow your kids to keep in contact with you, even when they are out of your sight. This kids tracker come with the uncomplicated functionality and design, allowing younger children to know precisely what keys they have to press if they want to contact you.

8. KiGO Watch

KiGO Watch product image

Losing a kid is a scary experience for every parent and it is the worst terrifying experience, as well. Unlike other wearable GPS trackers that work only in home, this wearable tracker from KiGO offers parents to track their kids abroad. As it comes with the small and frivolous design, it will offer a comfortable fit to your kids. You can also feel comfortable while allowing your kid going to the places of their interest with 100% confidence.

9. dokiWatch

dokiWatch product image

The dokiWatch allows kids to get that exciting experience, as it comes equipped with an incorporated camera and video calling abilities. This simplifies the job of parents to monitor their kids, irrespective of the distance they are located. The device comes with a safety feature, known as SOS. When your kids activate this feature, the device will send you emergency notifications as well as the recordings of the surroundings of your kid.

10. TickTalk Touch Screen Kids Wearable Tracker

TickTalk Touch Screen Kids Wearable Tracker product image

TickTalk is a two-in-one mobile phone that comes incorporated with the kid locator. This smartphone is easy to use by all and the highlight of this tracking device is its kid-friendly calling interface. It will allow your kids to operate easily whenever they need the help of their parents. This kid tracker supports text as well as voice messages. It is a comfortable wearable tracking device to know whether your kids are in their classroom or on their playground.

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