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Things Parents Can Do To Ensure School Bus Safety

Thursday June 4, 2015



It’s “back to school” time!

Many kids are starting school this year. So, parents will be naturally concerned about them. The feeling is no different for parents whose children study in higher classes. Their concerns start from the moment the students board the school bus in the morning. It continues until they are back in the evening.

Instead of being concerned, why not contribute to school bus safety? After all, it is not the responsibility of the school bus drivers and school authorities alone. Parents have some responsibilities as well. You can prepare your children to ride safe in the following ways:

Keep your children safe

Make sure that your child does not reach the bus stop early or too late. When they reach too early, they may have an urge to be mischievous. Also, they may rush to catch the already moving bus when they become late, which is unsafe.

Ask your children to come back home if they miss the school bus. In case they miss the bus at school, ask them to report it to any school authority. Tell them to never accept ride from a stranger.

Bus safety rules

Most schools have bus safety guidelines meant for students.  Sit down with your children and discuss about the rules together. Make the children understand the importance of following the rules.

Meet the school bus driver

It is always good to know be informed about the driver of the school bus your child commutes in. Introduce yourself and your child to the driver. Also, ask their name. This can make you less worried. Also, acquaintance with the driver can make your child feel comfortable to ask for help at times of need.

Apart from that, share these tips with your children that they should follow to ensure school bus safety:

At the bus stops

  • Stay away from the road
  • Be punctual so that you don’t have to rush when the bus reaches the stop
  • Do not board the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the brake lights are on
  • Do not rush to board the bus. Wait quietly in a line for your turn, instead
  • Do not raise your voice at the bus stop. However, you can speak quietly
  • Before you cross the road to board the bus, look both ways to ensure that there are no vehicles on the road

On the bus

  • Always follow the instructions of the school bus driver
  • Take your seat and sit properly. If the children are young, parents should ask them to sit in view of the school bus driver
  • Do not stand when the bus is moving
  • Hold school bags in your lap or place them in the areas provided on the bus
  • You can talk to your friends, but in a low voice. Do not distract the school bus driver
  • Keep your head and arms inside the bus. Do no throw anything out of the window when the bus moves
  • Do not eat while the bus is moving. You may choke on the food when the bus goes over a hump
  • Never fight, shout or play in the bus

While leaving the bus

  • Do not push or shove while getting off the bus. Let people in front of you alight first
  • Hold the handrails while boarding and alighting the bus
  • After you get off the bus, step away to a safer place, for example, a pavement, and wait until the bus leaves
  • If you want to cross the road after getting off the bus, walk at least 3 meters ahead. Then, wait for the school bus driver to signal you to cross
  • In case you drop something near the bus while getting down, do not pick it up immediately. Inform the driver first

Schools might have taken extra measures like School Bus Monitoring System to ensure school bus safety. Following the above-mentioned tips can help in strengthening it.

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