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The Role of Software in Preventive Maintenance of Your School Bus

Friday May 15, 2015



Vehicle parts undergo constant stress. The list of problems related to it include over idling, faulty parts, mistreatment, rough braking etc. Therefore, it is important to have the vehicles maintained and inspected on a regular basis. Every organization, be it a school or a company would want to do the maintenance efficiently. However, when you deal with a school bus fleet, managing the maintenance schedule is not going to be easy. If you skip a day’s maintenance, you may be challenging school bus safety.

Fleet managers can manage maintenance schedule with the help of fleet management software. The money you spend on implementing software is very less compared to the cost of a vehicle break down, in terms of benefits.

How fleet management software can make things easy

You can’t always keep track of the routine maintenance schedule manually. Also, you can mess up with the dates especially if it is a busy day. However, a fleet management software can make things lot easier.

With the software, you can set schedules ahead of time when each school bus has to be maintained. Once you set that, your task is done! When it’s time for maintenance, you will be notified in the upcoming schedule list. Also, mails will be sent automatically to the school bus drivers. These e-mails can be easily converted into a work order once the school bus is in the workshop.

You can also manage your school bus fleet maintenance on time by having parts for services and repairs stocked in advance. You will not have to rush and panic at the time of the maintenance if you have all the parts ordered in advance. Also, you will have all the parts handy in case of unexpected repairs. You don’t have to wait for the vehicle parts to come in to start the repairs. This can help save money as well as time. You can monitor the parts and usage with your regular maintenance.

Once the school buses are placed in the workshop, there are lots of things to be checked and tracked. You will have to check the engine, oil, ball joints, tires, lights etc. You will have to keep all the information updated and have them maintained on a regular basis for long life of the vehicle. Also, regular maintenance can help you keep check of problems so that they won’t be a trouble in future.

You can’t afford to delay the maintenance of your school buses. This can affect the reputation of the school and no school would want to ruin their reputation. If you don’t keep your maintenance schedule, it will lead to panic and havoc at the last moment. Preventive maintenance is the best way to deal with last minute chaos. With fleet management software, school bus maintenance can be planned, performed and tracked efficiently within a short period of time.

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