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5 Technology Tools that Enhance Road Safety in India

Friday January 26, 2018


Technology has revolutionized the road safety in India. Nevertheless, road safety is crucial and the Government intends to leverage technology for augmenting the safety of citizens. The technology enables you to control traffic, catch the lawbreakers, and provide road safety.  Let us check out the 5 technology solutions that assist you to create Indian roads safer:

1. LIDAR Gun

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) gun is a weightless and simple tool, which enables the law officials to catch and book vehicle that crosses the speed limit. With the invisible infrared beam in the gun, you will be able to target individual vehicle and recognize whether a particular vehicle is violating the speed limit or not, especially, on the basis of variations recorded in the light.

Moreover, the device estimates the vehicle’s speed within a second and is devoid of errors. Apart from that, the gun also assists you to establish the distance between two vehicles and realize the tailgating instances. In addition, the device enables you to capture and record images of license plates. However, the device is already implemented by traffic authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

2.  Speed Indication Display

Warning signs can be beneficial for road users. The Speed indication display that serves as a warning sign, are digital speed boards, which is installed on roads for identifying whether a vehicle crosses the speed limit or not. These devices are installed along with a radar sensor, and can evaluate the speed of the vehicle, which is displayed on the LED displays, visible for all the vehicles.

Today, a wide range of speed indication display devices is available, while certain display the vehicles, which are driving under and over speed and other display the real-time speed of each vehicle. At times, the device captures and store images of speeding vehicles.

Speed Indication Displays have been implemented in Singapore and UK, and Indian Government has already suggested the installation of these devices in its scheduled ‘Integrated Traffic Management System’.

3. Speed Governors

Speed governors as the name implies, allows you to recognize when a vehicle crosses the decided speed limit. With the sensors attached to the device, you can recognize how swiftly a vehicle is going, and whenever the vehicle attempts to cross the speed limit, it will restrict the air flow and engine fuel. Hence, the vehicle will automatically slow down and stops. Therefore, the speed governor is an ideal solution for the vehicles to remain within the speed limit.

4. Variable message signs

Variable message sign are LED boards, which display vital information to commuters. This sign is installed in Indian cities such as Bangalore and Hyderabad. Delhi is also planning to install the sign in the near future. As a result, it serves valuable to road users as they are able to receive the latest updates on the road and traffic conditions especially that of vehicle breakdowns and traffic congestion.

5. Inductive Loops

Induction loops are beneficial, since it detects the vehicles waiting at the junction and send these data to traffic signals, which changes automatically based on the situation. How it works? These loops utilize electromagnetic fields and it will experience a change  in frequency, whenever a vehicle enters that particular area. The feedback obtained from it is transferred via connected cables. In addition to this, the type of vehicle can also be determined on the basis of the changes in frequency.

Final Thoughts

As a matter of fact, the 5 technological solutions are successfully implemented in certain countries. With the integration of these technologies, India has an enormous opportunity to safeguard the road users.

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