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TechnoAlliance Join Hands With Taximeter.in For Developing Vehicle Tracking System

Friday November 28, 2014


TechnoAlliance has partnered with Taximeter.in, one of the leading makers, to come up with a vehicle tracking system, where Taximeter.in provides industry leading hardware that has integrated printers, GPS and GPRS, while TechnoAlliance creates software in web and mobile applications. The mobile and web applications are being developed by Redbytes and ProBytes respectively, both of which are subsidiaries of TechnoAlliance. The vehicle tracking system developed by these companies would prove to be effective because of it’s:


  • Smart, simple dashboard that gives updates information about which vehicles are currently running, which vehicles are available, which drivers are off duty, the pick-ups that are assigned and unassigned.
  • Real-time tracking of locations and routes using Global Positioning System or GPS.
  • Different user profiles such as administrator to manage and assign vehicles, pickups etc. and a normal user profile for the call centre executive to access information.
  • Manages both scheduled and instant pick-ups
  • Billing facility
  • Statistics report including time, distance, number of trips etc.


  • Easy for passengers to book
  • Passengers are given updates automatically via SMS notifications.
  • Proper organization and management of vehicles and drivers to maximize efficiency.
  • Retention of customers through timely and well organised services.
  • Comprehensive data through reports and statistics.
  • Easy for drivers to process orders and give receipts using taximeter’s vehicle tracking system.
  • Passengers can enjoy a safe ride.
  • This GPS tracking system can be used for a variety of services such as taxis, couriers, school buses etc.

This GPS vehicle tracking system would surely be helpful, putting an end to various issues passengers have to face each day, such as safety concerns, monetary loss etc. Also, it helps in saving time, energy and money. The biggest gain would be customer satisfaction which is the main ingredient in the success of your business.

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