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Teach Road Safety Rules to Kids with These Interesting Activities

Thursday November 24, 2016



Teaching road safety rules to kids is usually troublesome and time consuming. A little fun and planning can easily overcome these troubles to make the teaching lessons effective.

Here are some interesting activities which you can try out to make the kids understand the importance of road safety rules.

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1. Visit to a traffic park.  

Nothing can equate the pleasure of an outing, especially for kids. A planned visit can be funny as well as informative if you can include the local traffic park in your itinerary. Remember to check out the timings to plan properly.

The traffic parks are usually setup by the respective traffic departments to create awareness for the general public. They generally consist of mock signboards, signals and traffic setups to create awareness on road safety rules. 

2. Games on traffic signs and safety symbols  

A lot of complicated concepts can be made simple and comprehensible by kids with the introduction of a game mode. Children love to play and their funny bones can be used to create games like quizzes, jumping the rope with answering each safety sign meaning, guess the sign with dumb charades etc. 

3. Models and road safety sign making

Hands on activities such as making of models and road safety signs can go a long way in easing the task of teaching road safety rules to kids. Sensory stimuli, especially that of vision and touch can make the kids understand the concepts with little effort. Any activity stimulating the senses will surely reward the efforts in teaching road safety rules to kids. 

4. Conducting Traffic awareness rallies

It’s yet another great way to create awareness of road safety rules not only among kids, but also among the local public. Slogans will be better heard by the public if it comes from unusual sources such as kids, that too on trivial subjects such as road safety. Who is likely to ignore the loud proclamations on road safety rules from the little wonders and the rulers of our future?

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5. Making a short film on road safety rules

Media influence on society can’t be underestimated, especially when the world is undergoing technological revolution. Creating a short film with children on board either as script writers, directors, or actors can be promising. Older kids can even edit video and audio portions with technical help from mentors. Such an opportunity will provide ample opportunities for their creativity to unleash in teaching road safety rules. Since the media has far reaching effects, the general society in large will be at benefit too.

6. Screening of special films on road safety for kids

Child-centric films that promote social awareness on road safety rules can be screened in schools, day care centers and similar facilities for instructional or educational purposes. 

7. Mimicking real life situations in class through activities

A lot of fun filled activities can be conducted in the simple setup of classrooms. Mimicking real life situations is one among them. Creating a mock accidental situation and asking the children to find the defaulter can be challenging as well as educative in teaching road safety rules. 

The said activities are neither exclusive nor exhaustive. Rake up your brains to create more challenging puzzles and ways to create awareness on road safety rules. And the effort will never go in vain.  

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