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12 Things Every Parent Can Do to Stop Bullying in School

Friday April 6, 2018


Bullying is a fundamental problem in most of the school. There are chances that kids are being bullied by their peers at school. There are instances where this goes unnoticed by the school and the parents.

This is a major problem that needs to be addressed so that the victims don’t suffer the aftermath of it throughout their lives.

The question is how exactly the parent can be notified about an instance of bullying and how they can stop it from happening.

Many schools have anti-bullying laws that are framed to curb the bullying that happens while at school or inside the school buses. More than 25 percent of the youth has reported that they have been bullied in some way or other.

Let us have a look at the things parents can do to protect their child from being bullied at school.

1) Communicate with the Child

It is important to communicate with the child regarding bullying. They might conceal the fact that they are being bullied by their peers at school.

Without open communication it is not possible to know whether your child is being bullied or not. This is because children might not tell an adult that he is experiencing bullying.

2) Peer Relationships

Children must be taught about peer relationship. They are going to share the same space with other children while they are at school.

Children can be asked about the kind of experience they are having with their peers.

Direct questions like ‘do you have friends at school’ or ‘how are the other kids at school’ will compel the kids to answer to your queries about how they are being treated by other kids at school.

3) Talk about Bullying

It is not just fine but necessary to talk to your kids about bullying. Tell them about the kind of bullies they might come across at school.

Narrate to them experiences that they might come across while dealing with bullies. Ask them to notify their teachers or tell parents if they come across anything such as that.

4) Cyber bullying

Bullying might not happen just at school. There are chances that your kid is being bullied online. The best way to find it is to closely monitor their online activities.

This doesn’t mean to spy on them but sit with them and take part in their online activities. If you find anything unusual you can ask them about it. In case they don’t reply you can still have a fair idea about their life with their peers.

5) Encourage empathy

Tell them the importance of how it feels like to be in the shoes of another person.

This is important to see to it that your own child is not taking part in any event of bullying. If your child report to you that one child is being bullied at school, tell them how the other person might be feeling.

This is also nurtures a sense of courage to stand up for the weaker ones.

6) Respond Well  

If your child tells you that he/she is being bullied at school or in school bus , respond well to it. Tell them that you are there to stand beside with them. Listen to them well and be supportive to them if they are a victim to bullying.

7) Keep a Good Rapport with the School

It is important to keep up a good rapport with the school authorities. Ask the teacher of your pupil how active he/she is at school and how well he is he getting along with other children.

If the bullying happens at school give all support to the school authorities to resolve the problem. Provide emotional support to the child and tell them they don’t deserve it and that you will be there to back them up.

8) Teach Your children to be Proactive

Let them deal with their issues themselves. Even though you would stand up for them it is important for them to learn to stand up for themselves.

Teach them how to practice this so that they can deal a situation themselves. Teach your child to be assertive but not offensive.

9) Express Concern 

Ensure that you express concern when dealing with an issue. There is a high probability that they will look up to their parents when they are facing an issue they can’t solve by themselves.

All they expect from you is a little concern so express it. It can bring about a great change in their confidence levels.

10) Make Your Kid Bold

Bullies usually target kids who are more vulnerable. If your kid is smart but vulnerable to bullying from other kids you have to help him/her to be more bold.

Let them practice this at home so that they can face the situation all by themselves.

11) Know your child rights

Children are sometimes picked for matters like colour, race, religion, disabilities, weight, age, sex, etc. Children have rights, know them.

If your child is receiving constant harassment or intimidation from their peers you may resort to things legally. The schools are bound to follow uniform standards of conduct. Therefore schools can’t turn a blind eye towards bullying.

12) Social Skills

Teach your child social skills that are necessary to mingle with social groups. Teach them how to make good friends so that they are not alone at school. Little role-plays can help them understand this.

This can teach them how to get along with a game that is played at school. Make sure that you encourage your kids to be part of groups and join clubs that they enjoy.

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