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11 Things about School Bus Transportation Software You Have To Experience It Yourself

Monday September 10, 2018


School bus transportation software are gaining wide acceptance than ever before owing to the role it plays in improving the overall efficiency and convenience.

The school management, the students as well as their parents are getting benefited in one way or the other with its amazing features and options. When students can have a smooth bus journey to and from the school, parents can be assured about the safety and engage in their daily schedules with peace of mind.

School management can make the transportation services better with improved driver accountability, easy record management, and efficient risk management.

The real time bus monitoring features with GPS tracking facility is the key highlight of  school bus transportation software as the accurate GPS data analysis optimizes the safety factor of the journey. It also helps with efficient fuel usage and easily handles field trips.

Here let us have a look at the key elements and benefits of school bus transportation software you have to experience it yourself.

1. Convenient Calendar Based Scheduling: With scheduling based on calendar, a lot of data can be managed effortlessly. The trips can be created, edited, planned and rescheduled in relatively quicker period. A number of preset scenarios can be set in advance such as a half day, unexpected holiday, emergency journey and more.

The plan can be made in advance for a semester altogether or for an academic year. Also the automatic bus routing saves a lot of time which is otherwise wasted with the manual option.

2. User Friendly GPS Tracking: The entire journey of the bus can be tracked efficiently with GPS tracking facility. The RFID student tracking cards assures comprehensive insight into their routes without any hassle.

This facility is equally beneficial for school authorities, support staff and parents to keep track of their child’s location  whenever they needed by just logging in. Everyone can make sure if the bus is running on time and through the right route or not.This also reduces the waiting time for the bus and avoids the scenarios of missed buses.

3. Adapt to Schedule Changes: The changes in the schedule for a particular student can be made easily with the automatic software. If it is a one time change or a permanent change, it can be made without any trouble.

The software allows a change in the route if the student’s destination is temporarily changed, or the specific route would be suspended for a particular time if he goes for a vacation. This eliminates the need for creating an entirely new schedule. Moreover, the optimal use of resources adds a lot of value to the efficient school transport management. 

4. Efficient Driver Management: The comprehensive data base helps to keep track of the driver information such as payroll information & hire and termination dates. You can also easily check if there are any pending certifications on First Aid, TSA Clearance, CPR and validate details on annual training and license expiration regularly.

The reminder options on due dates makes the management over drivers and  other staff easy. Also the software will have a clear overview of the statistics based on driver availability, driver absenteeism, as well as allocation of driver assistants.

5. Manage Fuel Usage: The school authority can make sure that the drivers are utilizing the fuels efficiently by checking if they are following the assigned routes. They will get alerts in case the drivers deviates the bus from the scheduled routes for any other purposes.

As maps are updated frequently, driver can consider any new routes that can save fuel and avoid traffic jammed routes. Routes can be decided efficiently as time needed to cover specific routes can be calculated at ease.

6. Accurate GPS Data Analysis: A team can be assigned to have a look at the analysis of GPS data of the vehicle. The data can be used effectively for the overall improvement of the bus journey which in one way or the other helps with enhanced productivity of school transports.

Talking about the safety, this also helps to find out the nearest buses running in the route of other bus that needs an emergency assistance

7. Handle Field Trips: When a group of students go for field trips, the efficient software can make sure that the journey is safe. The right use of routes and the option to plan the trip quickly saves a lot of time.

The comprehensive digital records make it easy for handling the details such as the places to be covered, trip tickets, duration of each trip, number of trips covered in an annual year by batches and more. The additional costs during the trips can be added to separate tabs on the software which makes the financial settlement more accurate.

8. Easy Record Management: As every records based on transportation are stored and accessed from one place, the management is made really easy. This avoids the manual records on details such as driver information, vehicles details, expenditure, student list, fuel costs and more.

The lists of drivers are updated on a regular basis to avoid any clash in the schedules. The emergency contact numbers of all the students travelling in bus are maintained in the database and drivers and bus staff can access it easily at needy times.

The advanced software will also have options to take care of students with special needs by assuring optimized school bus routes, reduced on-board times, and proper management of medical reimbursements.

9. Real Time Bus Monitoring: As the advanced technology allows real time monitoring of bus, the concerned people can get the live location of the students at their comfort. This also includes the stoppage reports of the bus which helps to improve the punctuality of the bus and save potential time of  students.

As if the driver know that everybody is observing him/her, then the drivers would  be more cautious about their driving and punctuality. In advanced software, parents can have a look at the online portal at school bus hubs to get info on real time bus arrival notifications.

10. Better School Bus Maintenance: Every detail regarding the bus is available on the data base such as equipment specifications, vehicle depreciation, scheduled services due dates and inspection reports.

This makes it easy for the authority to keep track of the timely maintenance of the bus which can reduce the emergencies and downtime caused due to bus functionality.  With lowered emergency rates and penalties, school authorities can keep the budget under control.

11. Efficient Risk Management: In case, the bus went through an unfortunate breakdown, they can pass the message to  authorities within minimal time. This helps them to arrange an alternate transport  quickly, thus minimizing the waiting time of students in busy roads.

The map routes available in the data base will have details regarding the emergency centres available in the routes. Moreover, the optimized routes and engine idling gives you the exclusive benefit of contributing to improved carbon footprint.

Choose the right school bus transportation software with advanced features for your institution after taking into account your exact purpose with the software. With the right option, you can experience smarter routes, safe buses and smooth operations with your finger tips.

Msking use of this software can bring a notable improvement within a short period of time. With optimal use of buses, one can make a huge reduction in staffing and maintenance costs.

The advance software even comes with options such as live video of the bus journey so that officials can foresee the behaviour of drivers and make sure that they are driving safe.

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