35 Best School Bus Tracking Companies 2020


The safety of students is always the main concern of school management. That is the reason why most of the schools are now equipped with modern technology to assure the utmost safety for students inside the campus. For that schools prefer school bus tracking companies to get equipped with enhanced tracking platforms.

Advanced apps for kids and parents, GPS tracker devices and options for real-time tracking of school buses are the highlighted benefits of using such platforms. School management can easily track the exact position of buses, the routes they take and even fuel consumption.

Here are a few among the best school bus tracking companies for you to choose from.

1 TrackSchoolBus

School Bus Tracking Companies

This is one of the best school bus tracking companies offering distinctly tailored software, hardware-agnostic solution, unique value-adding features and exclusive apps for teachers, parents, fleet manager, driver console and school transportation manager. Their solution comes with provision to customize the software depending on varying requirements and preferences.

2. TrackingHAWK

School Bus Tracking Companies

Softcruise Technologies offer this innovative cloud-based fleet management software for effective school bus tracking. High performance and quick analysis are key advantages. In addition, to the complete safety of transportation, they assure improved fleet productivity and automation, eliminate overtime and reduce fuel costs and maintenance.

Email: info@softcruise.com

3. Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS)School Bus Tracking Companies

This is one of the best school bus tracking companies from the team can transform fleet of school buses to Smart Buses to assure safe and efficient management. The RFID technology provides alerts for boarding/de-boarding, bus attendance and wrong bus boarding. The key highlights include end to end service, seamless deployment and effective monitoring.

Email: 1515@tatatel.co.in

4. AVLViewSchool Bus Tracking Companies

The comprehensive bus tracking services from this Singapore based company gives you complete control of the fleet of school buses and lets you monitor and track precise location round the clock.

Other key features include:

  • Real-time student timesheet
  • Student identification using RFID
  • Quick notification of accidents

Email: info@avlview.com

5. GPSWOXSchool Bus Tracking Companies

This is a renowned school bus tracking company that won the Expert’s choice award in 2018. Their tracking solution is easy to install and use. It can be downloaded for free online. Their platform not only ensures the safety of kids but also enhances driver skills and save fuels.

Email: info@gpswox.com

6. InnoVita Technologies

School Bus Tracking Companies

The advanced vehicle tracking technology from InnoVita is an all in one solution for in-bus attendance system and school bus tracking. The key features include live tracking, panic button, speeding alerts, pick/drop SMS and customization options to suit your preferences. Parents can make use of their Pigeon Plus Notify app to easily track their kid’s location.

Email: info@innovita.com

7. Prosoftek TrackingSchool Bus Tracking Companies

The effective vehicle tracking system from this India based company plans and coordinates smartly with school transport managers to assure the safety of students traveling through school buses. Different applications are available for schools and parents to get notified about the status. Route changes, unnecessary stoppages or speeding can be easily monitored.

Email: connect@prosoftek.com

8. DSGN ElementsSchool Bus Tracking CompaniesThis is a leading GPS tracking company in Dubai which offers comprehensive school bus tracking services. They are renowned for providing most accurate services for cost-effective rates. The efficient team here lets you optimize the operation through real-time intelligence to assure well-managed student transportation.

Email: info@dsgnuae.com

9. Tektronix Technology LLC

School Bus Tracking Companies

This UAE based school bus tracking company offers new generation fleet and asset management solutions. With high-resolution digital video recording, school management and parents can get an idea of what is happening inside and around the bus. This video synchronized with telematics data helps you to easily keep track of bullying, student discipline problems, vandalism, and driver safety issues.

Email: info@tektronixllc.ae

10. Blue Floras

School Bus Tracking Companies

This Dubai based school bus tracking service offers real-time students & bus tracking using iBeacons. The system comes with live bus tracking and touch-less check-in and check-out options. The appreciable benefits include real-time data, actionable insights, route optimization and better flexibility for drivers with map view and route details.

Email: info@bluefloras.com

11. Prologix

School Bus Tracking Companies

This Dubai based firm works with globally leading GPS tracking & fleet management systems to provide the optimal school bus tracking solutions. Parents can track the location of their kids in bus at any given time and the school transport department can easily prepare, monitor and handle the fleet in real-time.

Email: ive@prologixdistribution.com

12. Velocity

School Bus Tracking Companies

They are a leading school bus tracking company in UAE with more than 2 decades of expertise in school transport industry. The team at Velocity is exceptional and the fleet of buses comes with

  • GPS devices
  • Video surveillance system
  • Electronic attendance system

Email: info@vsbt.ae

13. TechnautoSchool Bus Tracking CompaniesThis is a reputed school bus tracking company in UAE with an amazing client retention rate of 96.5%. In addition to assuring the utmost safety of the student and efficient fleet management, the advanced services focus to save cost, time and efforts.

Email: info@technauto.com

14. Advanced Telematics Solutions

School Bus Tracking CompaniesBeing a top-rated school bus tracking company in UAE, ATS offers excellent location intelligence solutions for school fleets. The Advanced School Bus Solution from the team comes with the following features:

  • Stop point monitoring
  • Bus route optimization
  • Incident notifications and alerts
  • Live bus tracking on a digital map

Email: support@atsuae.net

15. Falcon Trackers

School Bus Tracking Companies

This is a globally reputed school bus tracking company with multiple branches in India, UAE, Qatar and Oman. They make the best use of GPS tracking features to offer secure school transportation services. The options include mobile digital video recorder with surveillance cameras, customized geo fence and auto route optimization.


16. Emecon

School Bus Tracking Companies

They are a pioneer in GPS tracking solutions since 2001 and stay unique with in-depth reporting, real time view and advanced alerts. School bus transportation safety is assured with live tracking, alert notifications and detailed report on complete fleet details.

Key features include:

  • Route planning and replay
  • Fuel monitoring sensors
  • RFID systems
  • Time log for start and end time

Email: info@emecon.ae

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17. GofleetSchool Bus Tracking CompaniesThis is a USA based school bus tracking company with comprehensive live tracking features. The advanced GPS monitoring solutions assure utmost safety with easy route replay, powerful alerts, and trip history. The company comes with over 10 years of expertise and assures ease of use and industry-leading tracking features.

Email: sales@gofleet.com

18. TrackNKnow, IncSchool Bus Tracking Companies

This is one of the best school bus tracking companies out of USA and India offers comprehensive school bus management solutions. TrackNKnow is an advanced system developed by ArnAmy that assures scalable and easily customizable platform for school bus tracking.

Features include:

  • Radar view
  • Trip recorder
  • Driver and vehicle identification

Email: Info@Arnamy.com

19. App-Garden

School Bus Tracking Companies

Based out of USA, App-Garden offers unparalleled school bus tracking solutions using Travel Tracker. It works on a cloud-based technology making it easy for everyone including parents, teachers, and drivers to track data in real-time. In addition, to transport safety for a daily pick up and drop off, this is an amazing platform to easily manage field trips in school.

20. RouteABus

School Bus Tracking Companies

This is a top school bus management company in the USA that offers free web-based bus routing applications. Parents can make use of the bus stop locator to know the bus stop locations as well as the time the student reaches a particular stop.

Email: info@routeabus.com

21. Turnkeytown

School Bus Tracking Companies

With branches in Singapore, India, and Bangkok, this leading firm offers effective bus tracking solutions. They provide exclusive apps for drivers, school administrators and parents to assure an effective end to end communication.

The key features include

  • Live tracking
  • Ignition alert
  • Geo-fencing alerts
  • Mark attendance

Email: info@turnkeytown.com

22. Wireless Links

School Bus Tracking Companies

This top company based out of New Jersey offers unique comprehensive system for effective student monitoring & school bus GPS fleet tracking. The easy-to-use cloud-based platform features real-time tracking, fuel report, last location and engine diagnostics including RPM, battery level, and odometer.

Email: marketing@wlius.com

23. North Star

This is a global school bus tracking firm based out of Bangalore. They provide a comprehensive child safety platform that offers end-to-end child monitoring and school bus tracking solution. This Magnasoft product is cloud-enabled and features RFID and Video surveillance technology.

Email: northstar_crm@magnasoft.com

24. ChekhraThey are a trusted school bus tracking companies in India known for offering a proactive approach and customized solutions for schools. Their system comes with the provision of sending emergency messages, monitoring, planning and optimizing routes and live speed violation alerts via SMS/ emails.

Email: support@chekhra.net

25. busHive®

Being the industry leader in transportation management software, busHive® in NY offers comprehensive bus management solutions for schools and related fields. In addition to managing the daily commutation, the company’s software solutions offer special options to manage field trips efficiently.

26. BusWhere

Based out of the United States, but where offers exceptional bus tracking solutions for school districts with amazing features like push notifications during an emergency, driver behavior tracking and enhanced student safety and security. Buses can be watched in real-time and easily track the location of the bus at any given time or time spent by bus in each stop and other stoppages.

Email: support@buswhere.com

27. TransfinderBased in New York, this leading school bus tracking company offers customized solutions. With their advanced technology, school transportation management is easy than ever before with efficient school bus scheduling, routing, and planning. In addition to enhanced safety, the amazing features assure optimized trips.

Email: support@transfinder.com

28. TripSparkWith multiple locations in the USA and Canada, TripSpark offers advanced K-12 school bus transportation software to effectively manage and monitor school drivers, students, and schedules. With RFID student tracking cards, they easily collect every detail of trips at fingertips.

29. DATAMETRICBeing a leading bus tracking firm in UAE, DATAMETRIC offers highly automated and customizable school bus safety solutions. Their advanced system is designed not for just tracking the bus but even monitors the students with RFID integration. The ultimate goal is to improve transportation efficiency and provide peace of mind to parents and school authorities.

Email: info@datametric-me.com

30. ZonarWith multiple locations in the USA, they are undoubtedly a global leader in providing intelligent technologies for safe school bus transportation. Their system is compatible with any fleet and provides data analytics, secure platform, and real-time school bus updates.

The solution lets you easily track performance and efficiency, increase child safety and improve parent communication.

Email: info@zonarsystems.com

31. School Transport Services LLC

They are based in Dubai, UAE that offers a virtual assistant to assure safe school bus ride experience. Their secure school bus tracking service works with a live interactive map to get details of the bus throughout the journey. Key features of the application include:

  • Custom email or push notifications on delay
  • Time and distance reminders

32. Tyler TechnologiesThey are a comprehensive transportation technology provider based out of Texas. Versatrans is a complete suite from the firm to assure safe school bus transportation. Key features include

  • Telematics GPS
  • Activity trip management
  • Online information portal
  • Fleet maintenance

Email: info@tylertech.com


The Company offers a completely integrated school bus telematics software and hardware solution to ensure student safety. Their real-time tracking information services let you know when a student misses a bus or if the bus goes out of the planned route. The key benefits include the utmost accuracy of data and real insights for better planning.

Email: support@edulog.com

34. V Zone International

Based out of Dubai, they were among the 10 most popular GPS tracking companies in UAE according to the INSIGHTS SUCCESS survey. Its advanced tracking solutions can provide complete details about operation & movement of vehicle.

Key features include:

  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Advanced routing and optimization
  • In-fleet recorder and student tracking

Email: info@vzoneinternational.com

35. Maven Systems

They are a renowned school bus tracking companies in India that works with smart wireless technologies and cloud connectivity. With happy customers over 28 countries, they are still looking for innovations every day to improve customer experience.

Key features include:

  • Stores up to 400 routes
  • Easy route selection and next stop information
  • Anti-bunching technology
  • Quick recovery of stolen vehicles

Email: inquiries@mavensystems.com


Choose the best school bus tracking solution that is ideal for your school and that meets the specific requirements.

Most of these companies offer distinctly tailored software and exclusive apps for different user needs such as transport manager app, parent app, and school bus attendant app.

These advanced GPS solutions do more than just tracking and assure smooth user experience for students, parents, schools and bus staff.

Make use of such services and experience a remarkable improvement in the overall safety and smooth functioning of the school transportation services.

Child abduction reports and school bus accidents are on the rise these days which is alarming. Hopefully, such advanced bus tracking solutions can create a positive difference.

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