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Which is the Best School Bus Tracking App for Parents

Wednesday April 4, 2018


A child spends more than 15 years of his life in school, he gains knowledge, learns how to communicate, develop friendships and prepares himself to face the toughest of exams after school.

It is a place which is a center of excellence and learning and creates a meaningful impact on the life of a student. For all these reasons and several others, schools play a vital role in the life of students and their parents.

Therefore it becomes crucial for the school management to create an ecosystem where the child is offered a safe environment and chances of any unfortunate accident are minimal.

Why TrackSchoolBus is the Best App for School Bus Tracking

To ensure the safety of students when they leave their homes, bus tracking app has become a necessity. It is a boon for parents and the school authorities as well.

While the app enables school administration to offer safe and reliable transit of students from their homes to school, it provides complete peace of mind to parents.

There are many school bus tracking apps available, and although mostly same, they differ regarding features, ease of use and cost.

However, proper research and reviews of those who have already used proves beneficial to school administration when they search for the most suitable app for their school.

TrackSchoolBus is a bespoke app that is loaded with features and is easy to understand and use. It ensures complete safety of students while they commute between school and their homes.

The most significant benefit that it offers is it reduces parental anxiety and establishes their trust on school management.

The school management too finds it easy to keep track of bus routes, bus-time, driver’s performance and any deviation in the whole bus transportation system.

Features You Need to Know

TrackSchoolBus app is equipped with the following features which give it a unique place among all other apps available in the store.

For School Management:

•    User-friendly dashboard and app experience

•    A centralized software to manage all transportation processes of school

•    Can be integrated with any hardware, therefore, streamlining the entire school transportation

•    Download reports for analysis and improvements

•    Can be customized for individual specific use

•  Face-recognition, RFID cards or MIFARE RFID cards enables marking of school bus attendance

•    Features like Auto-routing, auto-allocation, and auto-optimization

For the Parents:

•    The user-friendly and straightforward App experience

•    Easy to download and track buses, their spots and time

•    History feature to bring into notice any delay or misconduct by the driver

•    SMS alert features to notify parents

•    Two-factor attendance

Here's a video that explains Two Factor Attendance in detail. 


For the school management:

•    Lesser dependence on the manual transportation system

•    Less paperwork as all reports can be generated through the app

•    Real-time GPS empowers student tracking anytime from anywhere

•    Instant notifications and alerts in case of emergency or delay

•    Cost effective yet a very reliable app for tracking buses

•    Lower fuel cost

•    Greater control over technology

•    All stakeholders including school bus transport manager, driver, parents, helper/attendant can get it customized as per their individual need

For the parents:

•    Receive instant notifications and alerts on their mobile

•    Complete control of their child since the time he leaves home

•    Better communication with the bus transport manager

Benefits You Will Gain

For the school management:

•    Streamline school bus routing and scheduling

•    Handle notorious students with ease

•    Offers efficient transportation services to parents and generate trust of parents

•    Keep drivers focused on the road, therefore, reducing chances of any unfortunate incidence

•    Provide valuable information on time through school bus tracker App

For the parents:

•    Enables additional safety of their children

•    Offers complete peace of mind and mental relaxation

•    More trust in school management

•    Monitor their child’s presence or absence in the bus

•    Monitor child’s behavior in the bus

•    Instant notification in case the bus is getting delayed

•    Monitor driver’s performance and speed with which he is driving

Final Thoughts

TrackSchoolBus app is, therefore, the best app for the parents and the school authorities. The best part is it makes parents happy and relaxed, and they do not consider it as an additional burden.

Instead, they regard it as a tool that empowers them to monitor their child’s safety when he travels between home and school. Similarly, it is not an additional expense for the school management too.

Instead, it helps them offer better services to the parents. It not only makes them temples of learning but also makes them a place where parents can send their child with complete trust.

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