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12 Essential Features of a School Bus Tracker App

Tuesday November 14, 2017


School bus tracking is considered to be a popular term among the school authorities. With the school bus tracker app, your child will be able to experience enhanced safety and security. Consequently, parents, teachers, and other school transportation authorities obtain real-time data regarding the whereabouts of their kid via SMS and push notifications.

Here follows the essential features of a school bus tracker app:

  • School bus attendance

Usually, recording school bus attendance of each student is a tedious and tiresome task. The app records the child's attendance four times a day- when the student boards and descends the school bus, both in the morning and evening. However, without contacting the relevant authorities, parents will be able to view the attendance of their child through their app.

  • Route planning

With the support of tracker apps, you will be able to schedule the routes, choose the shortest route, and examine the chosen route. Also, the app enables the school authorities to avoid heavy traffic areas, construction areas, and hazardous areas. In addition to this, the school bus drivers will be able to confirm the route, and decide the number of stops in a single trip.

  • Track the real-time location of vehicle

When your child board the school bus, parents will be able to track their real-time location and monitor the route followed by the school bus driver. With the details, you can reach the pick up point location promptly.

  • Instant notifications

The tracker app intends to provide different kinds of notification- notification for over speeding, attendance, unscheduled stops, whenever your child boards or descends the bus, etc. And, thus you can have a detailed summary of your child's school bus trip.

  • Enhanced communication

With the introduction of a school bus tracker app, you will be able to augment the rapport between drivers, parents, and other school transportation officials. Meanwhile, you can communicate with them anytime from anywhere, without personally meeting them.

  • Details on pick up and drop point

Nevertheless, the drivers can procure the next destination details via the app along with the image and details of each student. Of course, whenever you confirm the trip, it will be transferred to the trip history. And, with the map feature, even the minute details of the trip can be retrieved effortlessly.

  • Veracious and error-free details

All the details received via the app will be accurate and devoid of errors. Once the student board the bus, you can view the details regarding their attendance and whereabouts in the real-time.

  • Announcements

Announcement feature is available for every modern school bus tracker app. With this remarkable feature, transportation managers as well as school authorities can send announcements to drivers whenever they desire. Furthermore, students will receive the birthday announcement whenever they board the school bus.

  • Recenter facility

This is a brand new feature in a school bus tracker app. With this feature, you can instantly update the pick up point whenever there is a relocation. And the new pick up point will be updated in the app until there is a further modification.

  • Pick-up point optimization

The pick-up point optimization feature enables you to update the pick up point based on the actual pick up point. Meanwhile, the pick up location will be altered in case of relocation.

  • Manifest feature

This innovative feature assists you to acquire details on pick up location, access route diagram indicating pick-up point location, list of students inside a school bus, etc. For instance, if a particular student is on leave, his/her pick-up details will not be displayed in the app.

  • Efficient school bus fleet management

With this feature, transport managers can check the scheduled trip for the next 3 hours. Moreover, they can also select the optimized school bus routes, appoint drivers, and allocate students for each school bus, monitor fleets, check the vehicle health, approve pick-up points, etc. effectively.

As a matter of fact, all the above mentioned features reinforce the school transportation services. With the advent of school bus tracker apps, the school bus operation became simple, feasible, and manageable.

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