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10 School Bus Safety Tips for Children [Infographic]

Monday July 23, 2018


There are more than 23 million children, for whom school bus is the only of transportation for to and from schools. Some parents consider their own vehicles to pick and drop their children to schools, but most of the families prefer school bus due to their busy work schedules.

School buses are considered as the safest mode of transportation for school going children staying far away from children. It is a proven fact that opting school bus is thousand times safer than travelling in own vehicle.

When you consider school bus for your children, you worry about their safety which doesn’t have an end even if they get older. Usually children get excited on the bus. Being careless, running and turning around while getting on and off the bus can be dangerous. So it is essential to teach children regarding how to stay safe on the school bus.

It’s a fact that school buses are the safest mode for school going children to travel but still it can be dangerous if they act carelessly. If you are a parent or a teacher, it is your responsibility to teach kids about school bus safety tips.

For your help, we Trackschoolbus have mentioned few school bus safety tips in the form of infographic for children which they must follow for a safe journey.

10 School Bus Safety Tips for Children_infographic

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