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An Ultimate Guide to the School Bus Safety Rules

Friday December 1, 2017


School bus safety rules ensures the safety and security of school bus students. Nevertheless, the parents will be concerned once they send their child to school bus unattended. Meanwhile, the school bus safety practices not only provide an assurance to parents, but also safeguard the kids from possible peril that encounters them in the absence of their parents.

Consider the following list of rules that assists you to ensure student safety inside a school bus:

Rules for Boarding the School Bus Safely

  • First and foremost, try to reach the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the arrival time of a school bus. Do not sprint towards the school bus
  • Wait at the predetermined stop in a secured place, away from the road side
  • Never stand in the danger zone of the school bus
  • Board only when the school bus stops completely. Ensure that school bus extend its stopping arms and the red lights are flashing
  • Cross the road only when the driver exhibits the apt signal
  • Utilize the handrail while boarding the school bus

Rules for Riding the School Bus Safely

  • Be seated, facing forward and don’t create commotion in a moving bus
  • Place bags and parcels under your seat or on the rack
  • Clear the bus aisle all times
  • Head, hands, and arms should be kept inside the school bus
  • Never attempt to propel items inside or outside the bus
  • Speak softly, don’t hoot or scream inside the bus and never engage in fights
  • Remain hushed while approaching the railway crossing
  • Participate in the school bus evacuation procedures
  • Never use abusive language inside the school bus
  • Do not carry hazardous objects in a school bus
  • Maintain cleanliness in a school bus, eating and drinking is not permitted on the bus
  • Respect the health of fellow passengers and school bus drivers, do not utilize allergic objects
  • Smoking is not allowed inside or near the school bus premises
  • Heed the instructions of school bus drivers

Rules for Descending the School Bus Safely

  • Remain seated until the school bus stops completely
  • Remember to hold the handrail while descending the school bus
  • Walk at least 10 steps away from the school bus and cross the road only when the apt signal is given by the drivers
  • Cross and proceed only after confirming that both ways are clear
  • Don’t rush while descending the school bus, the people in front leave first
  • Never pick the dropped items without the permission of a school bus driver

Aware of the Danger Zone

  • Aware of the 10 giant step rule, where the children will be able to recognize the danger zone around the school bus, especially while crossing in front of the bus
  • Before entering the danger zone, seek the driver’s permission
  • Interpret that a child is within the danger zone, if he or she is able to touch the school bus
  • Always remember the fact that if the driver can’t see the bus driver, you will also be not seen by them
  • Ensure that you have driver’s attention while crossing the road
  • Never play around or near the school bus transportation

Bus Stop Safety Tips

  • Reach the designated bus stop 8-10 minutes prior to school bus arrival time
  • Stand at least 10 feet away from the curb and form a queue away from the street
  • Ensure that the school bus has stopped completely and driver thumbs up, indicating that it’s all right to board the school bus
  • If there is a need to cross the street in front of the school bus, follow this procedure vigilantly- walk on the sidewalk, maintain a giant 10 feet distance, and assure that the driver can see you properly
  • Avoid unfortunate falls by holding the handrails tightly. Be cautious of your belongings or clothes, having straps or drawstrings, as there is a chance to become trapped in the sharp edges of school buses
  • Never walk and run behind or towards the school bus
  • Seek the permission of driver before picking a dropped item near the school bus

Bus Routing Details

School bus students should wait only on the designated bus stops, never modify it without the permission of relevant authorities. Moreover, ensure that you procure a written permit for altering your current bus stop or route.

Role of Parents

  • Ascertain the relevance of your role in ensuring the safety of your child
  • Convince the importance of safety rules to your child and compel them to follow the  essential safety rules
  • Assist them in arranging their objects in their backpack and never delay them
  • Insist them not to drop objects near a school bus or while riding a school bus
  • Initiate a decent rapport with the school bus drivers and obtain the contact details of school transportation authorities
  • Check the updates in the parent app routinely

Essential Requirements of School Bus Drivers

  • Aware of the legal requirements for becoming a school bus driver- ensure that the driver obtain 20-40 hours of specialized training, cleared written exams, and road tests
  • Inspect the driving records and subject to medical examination
  • Complete certified driver improvement courses, receive a general awareness on general traffic laws, and safety procedures
  • Commit the periodic inspection that provide an awareness to drivers regarding the board requirements

Furthermore, all the above rules are established for solving the safety and security concern of school bus students (FYI – the rules will be updated every year based on the specification, and hence stay for further updates).

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