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School Bus Safety: Rules for Kindergarten Students

Monday July 11, 2016



Is your kid’s first day to kindergarten nearby? He / she will be excited to meet new friends, teachers, school as well as trip from and to school in school bus. What about school bus safety? Students begin and end their day with a trip on a school bus. Is your kid trained to be safe at and around the school bus?

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Many accidents and injuries can be prevented by teaching kids about good behavior while riding in bus. Students are recommended by the National Safety Council (NSC) to take the bus rather than walking or riding with teenagers or parents. The Council recognizes that more school children are killed outside of the bus, during loading and unloading operations than on the bus.

Though the child will learn those safety lessons at school, it is a parent’s responsibility to make their child aware of these safety concerns.

While bus drivers will be alert with safe driving, students should be careful of their surroundings in order to avoid injuries. The following is a list of safety rules advised by the NSC to teach children while getting on and off the bus. Some of these rules are also aimed at good school bus behavior.

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It would be easy if you can take a picture of a school bus and show them the safety rules with images. Visual representation will stay in mind more than just words

  • Do not run. Let the bus stop and the door open
  • Get on to bus one at a time. Do not rush
  • After boarding the bus, remain in your seat facing forward when the school bus is moving.
  • Obey your school bus driver’s instructions
  • Don’t make loud noises. It will distract the driver from driving
  • While boarding as well as exiting, use the handrail
  • Collect your belongings before you reach the stop
  • Do not leave your bags or books in the aisle. It will interrupt the way for other students
  • Stay in your seat till the driver stops the bus completely
  • Cross the road only after the driver permits you to do so
  • While crossing, make sure to look right and left to ensure no vehicle is passing by

Go over these school bus safety rules again and again. As your kid’s first day of school will be something very new, you can also meet them at school just to make sure that the kid is riding safe in bus.

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