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School Bus Safety Rules for Kindergarten Students- Part I [Infographics]

Monday October 31, 2016



Every child should have proper awareness on school bus safety. As a younger rider, they may have so many confusions and tensions about road safety. Hence, it is your responsibility to teach and transmit knowledge of basic road safety rules and regulations to your kids

When you give advices continuously to your children, they get frustrated and irritated. One of the best ways to convey the idea of safety in children is to show and demonstrate those safety rules in front of them.  There are certain safety rules that a child should know about and follow for their own safety.

School Bus Safety for Kindergarten Students- Part I

As a parent, you can be the most influential teacher and this can help you greatly in persuading your child to follow certain safety etiquette. You can spend some time with your child to discuss about safety and explain about its importance. As a result of this, your child  become more vigilant on the road. 

The greatest risk for your child is not riding the school bus, but nearing or leaving the bus, thus children should be cautious when they are around the school bus. Hence, it is better for them to follow certain essential safety rules and regulations, so that they can enjoy a secure and delightful journey.

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