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School Bus Safety Awareness Seminar

Friday September 18, 2015



Navi Mumbai: The Global Success Foundation (GSF) in association with Vashi deputy RTO organised a school bus safety awareness seminar recently in the city.

There are a lot of safety measures schools need to adapt in order to ensure the safe transportation of children. The sole purpose of the programme was to focus on these measures.

A GSF representative talked about various safety measures and highlighted the need of medical testing of all drivers twice every year by the school and the importance of bus inspection thoroughly every day.

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“The safety of school children should be of utmost importance. This seminar is a reminder to students, schools and parents about the safety measures they can take.” said Sachin Adhikari, founder and managing trustee, GSF

The school management said that, parents should take some responsibility. He also suggested that safety drills must be introduced in schools to deal with emergency.

The seminar also discussed about various guidelines like employing sufficient bus attendants, importance of the common agreement between school authorities and bus operators and checking emergency exits. All these can be implemented by the Education Board.


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