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    School Bus Rental Companies in Chicago


    Student transportation is wrought with complexities, though it is a fundamental issue to the school’s operation.

    However, bus rental companies that are run by private transport contractors make the job easy by providing safe and reliable everyday transportation for the students to and from the schools.

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    This gives the chance for the school authorities to focus on the core assignment of education.

    This gives the chance for the school authorities to focus on the core assignment of education.

    1. Alltown Bus Service, Inc.

    For more than 27 years now the “Alltown Bus Service, Inc” has been providing safe, timely and reasonable bus service for school going children in Chicago.

    They offer buses for field trips (in and out of the state) from the school, sports trips, and grad-nite celebrations. The drivers representing the organization are professionally trained and reliable.

    The company operates over 600 buses over six different locations: with three locations spread over the suburbs of Skokie, Harvey and Decatur, the other three are scattered in the north, south and west sides of Chicago.


    The fleet owned by the Alltown Bus Service Company consists of both modern and conventional style buses. They are also suited for transporting special needs students (lifts for physically challenged children, wheelchair accessible ramps, and air conditioning as a medical requirement for some students).

    2. First Student

    First Student is a 100+-year-old bus rental company that ferries children to and from their schools in North America. This company transports more students in total per day than all Airlines combined in the country.

    They are connected to 1100 school districts for providing daily student transportation. In Chicago, they have offices in Skokie, Hodgkins and Elk Grove.

    The company offers turnkey contracts as well as specific arrangements as required by specific schools. They are specific in appointing local people for operations and management.

    For the parents and authorities, access to the local operations team is complete. The fleets are well maintained by trained and certified technicians.

    The First Student buses are equipped with real-time tracking technology as well as relevant engagement and communications tools.  The buses are also equipped with onboard Wi-Fi and digital cameras thus controlling student behaviour while on the bus.

    3. AM Bus Company

    The AM bus company is a family-owned business which has been operational since the year 1993. The mission of the company has been to provide safe, timely and reliable transportation for students to and from school daily. Their services are sought by numerous public schools in Chicago and they have over 2500 clients in the city and Chicago Park District.

    4. Sunrise School Bus and Charter Services

    Sunrise has been partnering with school districts for over 30 years now. The company offers regular bus transport for ferrying children to and from school daily, charter services for special school trips (field trips, sports trips, etc.) and transport services for students with special needs.

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    Sunrise buses are implemented with GPS systems so that the location of the buses can be tracked at all times. Their buses are well-maintained and they have a long track record of safety.

    5. United Quick Transportation

    This company has been working since the year 1990 with school districts, private and charter schools in providing daily transportation for students back and forth schools.

    Their services are reliable, economical, environmentally friendly and safe. They also cater to school students’ field trips and sports groups that have to be taken to different places.

    The driver acquiring procedure in United is done with great care. The drivers should be above 23 years of age and must have clean records with minimum three years’ driving experience.

    The drivers should be adequately-trained by a certified team of mechanics and must be aware of the aides that are responsible to keep the buses well maintained.

    6. Latino Express

    Founded in 1988 Latino Express is one of the leading companies that provide daily student transportation for school districts, charter schools, day-cares, etc. The company runs over 36000 student rides in a year.

    The company claims that its success is mainly due to its staff and drivers that help to transport the students safely every day. The company also specializes in transporting students with special needs.

    By implementing GPS systems and digital cameras their entire fleet is modern and well equipped. Their bus fleet holds a Gold Level Green Fleet certificate which recognizes the company’s environmentally responsible practices.

    7. Children’s Caravan Transportation, LLC

    The service provided by Caravan Transportation is perfectly suited to transport the children of working parents to and from day-cares, private, public, and charter schools, and appointments that they have to keep up, etc. 

    The bus drivers have years of driving experience and are well trained in CPR and first-aid treatment. They are trustworthy and have the safety of the children as their utmost priority.

    The pick-ups and drop-offs are timely and the parents are duly kept informed of route changes and any delays in pick-up or drop-offs.

    The buses have entertainment options and maintained by qualified technicians. The children are picked up from and dropped off from their doorsteps or any specified designated location.

    8. Walls Transportation, Inc.

    Walls Transportation was established in 1977 as a family owned Transportation Company. Started with one school bus they grew large over the years, now having a fleet that has over 30 buses and other motor coaches. The school buses can carry from 16 to 71 passengers.

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    Contracted with the Public School System in Chicago, the buses run in several routes. The buses also transport homeless children and special education children.

    Walls Transportation provides charter services to schools outside of Chicago as well. The company staffs are courteous, well-groomed and professionals.

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