15 Best School Bus Driving Games 2020 [Updated]


Diverse school bus driving games are now dominating app and play stores that are not only interesting but also improve your driving skills.

They are now dominating the App Store and Google Play downloads. School bus driving games are also increasing its demand, with the player being a virtual school bus driver and their goal to deliver kids safely to school.

These kinds of bus driving games will add more excitement when the driver has to overcome some obstacles, drive fast without making accidents, here are a few trending School Bus Driving Games available on the market

1. World Bus Driving Simulator

  • Ratings-4.1
  • Installs-1,000,000+
  • Size- 37M
  • Last updated- April 1, 2020

Feel like the life of bus drivers…

Drive the famous buses in Brazil through challenging and adventurous routes and test your off-road driving skills. The buses can be customized with your favorite painting. This game is sure to give a reality closer experience for the drivers.  


  • Automatic and manual gearbox
  • Realistic graphics, with configuration options to run on weaker phones!
  • Cycle day/night with beautiful visual!
  • Realistic Physics

  1. School Bus Coach Driver 2019

  • Ratings-3.8
  • Installs-100,000+
  • Size- 68M
  • Last updated-July 25, 2019

Get ready for playschool and city school bus game!!

As a driver, your duty is to pick up students and teachers from their homes and drop them safely and soundly to the schools and vice versa.

Keep an eye on the heavy traffic in the city during peak times; be careful while driving high school coaches.

This game is a fun-filled arcade game to test your hand-eye coordination and timing. Play this entertaining adventure and become the master bus driver. 


  • Offline gameplay
  • Realistic bus interiors
  • Both left and right-hand drive
  • Big city and uphill offroad environments

  1. Offroad School Bus Driving Simulator 2020

  • Ratings- 3.7
  • Installs-1,000,000+
  • Size-  57M
  • Last updated- May7, 2019

Are you ready to face the adventure and challenge? Then, Offroad school bus driving game is perfect for you.

This simulator game is an adventure-filled offroad bus simulation game. Your goal is to pick up students from the bus stops and to drop them safely to school. You need to obey all traffic rules and drive carefully through dangerous and crazy offroad paths. Take special attention not to hurt students and damage your school bus. 

This game has many addictive and challenging levels. As game progresses levels are more exciting than previous ones. 


  • Multiple camera angles
  • Challenging levels
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Beautiful offroad environment

  1. Bus Racing

  • Ratings- 3.8
  • Installs-10,000,000+
  • Size- Varies with device
  • Last updated- April 15, 2020

Feel the real classic experience of bus driving.

It’s time to race on the hill tracks. All you need is the art of control, speed, balance etc to reach the finishing lines on the hill tracks. This game gives an opportunity to showcase your driving skills. You need to drive through hills, avoid obstacles and reach your destination. The game has a spectacular 3D environment that brings more life to the game, different themes and a variety of buses to drive.


  • Intelligent Traffic System
  • Multiple controls, Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting
  • Challenge your friends with real time multiplayer
  • 3D Realistic maps

  1. Real School Bus Driving- Offroad Bus Driver 2019

  • Ratings- 3.8
  • Installs-1,000,000+
  • Size- 62M
  • Last updated-July 21, 2019

The games give you an experience of real stimulation of offroad school bus driving experience. Show your best highway bus driving skills to your friends. Your mission is to pick up and drop students and teachers to schools and to their homes respectively. You should be a punctual offroad driver. Show your driving skills by driving through risky hilly mountain areas. 


  • Highly interactive gameplay
  • Latest models of offroad buses
  • Challenging offroad mission
  • User-friendly game interaction

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  1. Super High School Bus Driving Simulator 3D 2019

  • Ratings- 4.0
  • Installs-10,000,000+
  • Size- 139M
  • Last updated- April 9, 2020
  • Are you ready to prove yourself as the best school bus driver?

This latest hit game lets you experience the risk of picking and dropping off students safely to their destinations. Dean is quite a rough and tough person, but you can impress him by your driving skills and get praised for your duty.  Become student’s favorite driver by taking them to picnics and adventurous places to let them learn new things. 


  • 140+ buses to drive
  • Realistic driving physics
  • Cool 3D locations
  • Free drive mode

  1. Bus Simulator Free

  • Ratings- 3.7
  • Installs-5,000,000+
  • Size- 57M
  • Last updated- January 11, 2019

Action filled exciting bus games!!!

Play this game to get a chance to navigate through beautiful mountains and gorgeous terrains. Driver should be careful of treacherous turns and curvy mountain paths. If your bus falls, then the game will be over.

Each level is filled with adventurous and exciting. Get ready to play this exciting bus driving games, your passengers are waiting for you.  


  • Tilt steering
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Easy to drive
  • Smooth and realistic bus handling

  1. Baby Panda’s School Bus- Let’s Drive!

  • Ratings- 3.7
  • Installs-5,000,000+
  • Size- 57M
  • Last updated- January 11, 2019

Beep beep beep!!!

Super fun-filled game for youngsters. Get ready to drive Baby Panda’s school bus through Blossom Road and over Rainbow Bridge. 

You need to drive the school bus too carefully to reach destinations. This game is sure to be interesting and attractive for youngsters.


  • Virtual driving
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Colourful and exciting graphics

  1. Bus Racing 3D-Hill Station Bus Simulator 2019

  • Ratings-3.5
  • Installs-1,000,000+
  • Size- 28M
  • Last updated- January 3, 2020

Drive and get the real classic bus racing experience.

Unlike other bus driving games, in this, you need to race with other auto cars near you and should reach terminal first to win this game. Your mission is to pick up passengers and drop them to their destinations. Once the bus is broken or damaged, you will fail.

Get the feel of thunderstorm, rain, snow and sunny in this 6×6 mountain tourist bus simulator game. Remember to turn on your wiper when it rains. 


  • Fantastic Hill Station Environment and 3D Graphics
  • Multiple controls, Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting
  • Realistic Environments with different levels
  • Intelligent Traffic System

  1. Bus Game Free-Top Simulator Games

  • Ratings- 3.5
  • Installs-10,000,000+
  • Size- 29M
  • Last updated- May 17, 2019

Play this best bus driving bus game with better gameplay, better graphics, and overall better experience.

You are driving a big city bus, so be careful. Watch out the traffic and don’t hit any vehicles around you. Your mission is to drop all the passengers safely and reach the terminal first.


  • Many different routes across the city
  • Full 3D large environment
  •  Offline game
  • Smooth controls optimized for bus simulator

  1. High School Bus Driving 3D

  • Ratings-3.9
  • Installs-1,000,000+
  • Last updated- March 29, 2020

High School Bus Driving is a real and energetic stimulating game for expert drivers. If you wish to drive long automobiles in busy city roads then this game is perfect for you. The traffic may let you to be late for the school but drive fast with obeying all traffic rules. The driver should be responsible for the safety of all students in the school bus.


  • HD Graphics and detailed 3D Environment
  • Amazing School Bus Driving Experience
  • Drive different types of school buses
  • Realistic 3D City traffic vehicles

  1. Modern Bus Driver Game

  • Ratings-4.0
  • Installs- 1,000,000+
  • Size-  52M
  • Last updated- April 20, 2020

Yet another game to experience the real off-road driving.

 Realistic traffic and student animations will make you feel like driving a real bus. You have to pick and drop students to school and home. Be aware of city traffic and drive safely. This game is specially designed in a way for those who love to play simulation games.


  • Tap harder on the brake to stop during city area
  • Use the steering control to become the best games driver
  • Tap on the accelerator for speed up urban bus

  1. Ultimate Bus Driving 

  • Ratings-3.8
  • Installs- 5,000,000+
  • Size- 107M
  • Last updated- August 29, 2019

This game is sure to make you thrilled!!! 

Test your driving skills by driving through offroad tricky areas. We have included realistic physics and mechanics simulators, play and become an expert and experienced bus driver. Drive through bustling city highways, collect coins and win stars.


  • Wide-open world to explore
  • Win medals and collect coins
  • 80 levels to finish
  • Free drive mode

  1. School Bus Driver 3D SIM

  • Ratings-4.3
  • Installs- 10,000,000+
  • Size- 50M
  • Last updated- September 24, 2018

Are you kids’ favorite driver? Oh yes, kids are waiting for you.

In-School Bus Driver game, you need to pick and drop students. So special attention should be given to students’ security as you are driving through crazy and busy city roads. Follow all traffic rules and take care of your school bus too. Get ready for your mission and play this game.


  • Realistic city traffic
  • Smooth controls and good gameplay
  • Various types of school buses
  • Awesome bus driving challenges

  1. School Bus Driver: Kids fun

  • Ratings-3.2
  • Installs- 100,000+
  • Size- 52M
  • Last updated- December 23, 2019

Your wait is over crazy driver!! Your favourite school bus game is here.

Pick and drop off students safely in this game. Remember to reach destination within the given time period. Follow the map for instructions to follow. Drive your school bus and show off your offroad driving skills as the master of offroad bus drivers.


  • Beautiful 3D city Rushy Environment to Explore
  • Smooth and easy controls and fun gameplay
  • Realistic bus parking and driving controls

Download your favorite school bus driving games to face the realistic, but challenging scenarios. Be the best school bus driver, enjoy your game and improve your driving skills.

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