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11 Strategies for Dealing with School Bus Discipline Issues

Wednesday November 29, 2017


School bus discipline is an enormous issue confronted by the school bus drivers. As a member of school transportation management, it is your responsibility to maintain a proper discipline inside the bus and of course school bus is an extension of the classroom. However, the school bus discipline is the team effort and hence all the school authorities should work together for maintaining the school bus discipline.

Deputize school bus driver to oversee school bus discipline issues

By delegating authority to school bus driver in a school bus, you will be able to have a multitude of merits. One of the benefits is that the students will start respecting the school bus driver and obey them without further tantrums.

And, if drivers are given permission to contact the parents, students will be frightened and follow the rules effortlessly. Another reason for authorizing school bus drivers is that he is the only elder member, who is physically present on the school bus and the students will obey elders without trouble.

Preventative measures taken by school bus drivers

School bus drivers can either provide a consistent seat for rule breakers or re-seat the misbehaving students. However, it is established to be an excellent practice as students will realize their mistake quickly once they are separated or detached from their pals.

Nevertheless, you can implement positive reinforcement techniques (compliment them in front of their buddies) to encourage the young fellows for displaying the exceptional school bus behavior. At times, you can master a cool attitude by saying, "If you do not obey me, you will be seated beside me permanently". Consequently, this is enough for kids and they will never try to repeat the mischief again.

Consider the following strategies to handle students' behavior on the school bus:

  • Do not intimidate the entire students if only a few displays infraction
  • Handle individual behavioral problems privately
  • Evade physical force or threats
  • Obtain the assistance of the school principal and supervisor, and never adopt strict measures without the consent of the relevant authorities
  • Stop the school bus in a secured place, stand up and address the rule breaker in a polite tone
  • If needed, change the offender's seat to the front
  • Contact the principal or supervisor if the situation goes out of your hands
  • Provide gifts or awards to the students who displays exceptional behavior
  • Implement three strikes policy to manage behavioral issues
  • Create a healthy relationship with the students but never become "over-friendly"
  • Appoint a student coordinator for the school bus, which provides an immense support to you in managing the discipline inside the school bus

Can seat belts and video cameras assist you to ensure proper school bus discipline?

Seat belts on school buses are reported to have a positive impact on the disciplinary issues. Furthermore, with the implementation of seat belts, the unnecessary movement of students inside the school bus can be prevented.

As a result, students will be forced to sit forward and communicate with the students sitting beside them rather than stroll around in the moving bus, and switch their seats. Moreover, by installing seat belts, school bus bullying also reduced to a greater extent.

Every reputed school has installed video cameras to their school buses. And this enhanced the school bus behavior, as they are conscious of the fact that they are being monitored by the school authorities. Also, the video footage can serve as evidence if the guilty one denies the mistake.

As a matter of fact, each student are intended to follow the rules and regulations. At times, school authorities should persuade them to follow those rules for defending the school's reputation and credibility.

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