10 Essential Facts on Road Safety [Infographic]


Road accident and injury will be an immense threat to road users, especially children. Hence, as a responsible citizen, it is  your responsibility to safeguard the future generation and focus on the safety practices. Nevertheless, the number of vehicles on the road is rising day by day frantically.

The only precaution against it is to implement the modern technology and adhere to the safety rules. However, it is a fact that majority of the victims of road related hazards are the two-wheeler users. Over speeding, imperfect roads, and violation of safety rules are the dominant reasons for hazards.

Meanwhile, the road safety is a shared responsibility and you need to have a commitment and decision making skills to accomplish the safety goals. As a matter of fact, one can predict road traffic crashes and can take precautions before it happens. 

Check out the 10 essential facts on road safety and be prepared for the adverse circumstances:

10 Essential Facts on Road Safety infographic

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