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Principles of Road Safety -Part II [Infographics]

Monday March 21, 2016


Road safety is a state of mind, accident is an absence of mind


Road safety is necessary for people of all ages. Today, road safety is having great importance as the number of accidents are mounting up day by day. Driver distraction and lack of attention are the leading reasons behind road accidents.


One of the greatest thing to stay safe on road is to control emotions and stress while driving. But many drivers are unable to control their stress. Their emotion can hinder the ability to drive safely on the road. Hence for having a safe journey, it is better not to provoke drivers.


Principles of Road Safety - Part II [Infographics]


Most victims of accidents are youth as they are the ones who love rash driving. Accidents are avoided by being aware of the surroundings. Cell phones, radio and newspapers are some of the main distractions in driving. It is better to avoid using cell phones while driving. Otherwise, it may take the life of an innocent pedestrian or may commit a serious traffic violation.


From crossing the road to driving, everyone should know each rules of the road. Observation is the key point in road safety. Education to road safety begins right from school. Safe roads assure safe return home. By obeying certain safety rules, we are not only safeguarding oneself but also pedestrians on the road.


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