Now, Plan School Bus Routes With School Bus Tracking Software


To schedule transportation is always a herculean task for any school. Sometimes, the route may not be common or some times, special needs of some students have to be taken into consideration. That is where the School Bus Tracker comes into use. The School Bus Tracker can be used effectively for automatic routing and planning.

Automated Data Entry

The software automatically loads student info into the system, thus saving time and reducing manual errors.

Efficient Management

The School Bus Tracker’s interface enables the school authorities to track all activities from a common point. It helps to keep track of school buses and give updates in case of any issues.

Optimized Routing

While routing, the software chooses the most efficient routes with the help of Google Maps.

Children’s Safety

With the School Bus Tracker, the school authorities can easliy choose routes which are safer for the students.

Work Flexibility

With spreadsheets, forms or maps on the display,the School Bus Tracker makes the work easier and smoother .

Customized Software

Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the School Bus Tracking Software can be customized according to your choice and requirements with the best tools available for routing and planning.

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