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Keep Track of School Bus Drivers with School Bus Tracker

Saturday July 8, 2017



School bus tracker software can be said to be effective only when your child’s safety is assured to the fullest. So, it is mandatory that school bus drivers are also tracked using the system as they play a major role in the safety of school children. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you get a chance to assess the performance of school bus drivers as well, apart from tracking the location of the school bus and the whereabouts of the school students?

Track School Bus Tracker software can be of great help to school fleet managers in this regard. It offers features that help these managers to keep tab on drivers in the following ways:

Collect Performance Data

Monitoring school bus driver performance is a challenging task for most fleet managers. There are usually no reliable source to know their actual performance other than from the bus travelling students and parents. With school bus tracker systems, these drivers are provided with a driver console, which prompts them to login when they enter duty and log off when they leave.

As GPS data is transmitted by the system to the fleet manager, he will be able to know the speed at which a driver drives, how punctual he is, if he is making unwanted stops or idling too much or braking harshly. All this data is conveniently stored away for future access, probably during performance evaluation.

The system also has parent app, with the provision for parents to rate and comment on each individual driver.

School Bus Travelling Student Safety

The single biggest concern of school bus travel is student safety, and the driver is the best person to ensure it. School bus tracking system has smart route optimization features that can help drivers to quickly reorganize their route in case of difficulty in maintaining their regular routes.

The fleet manager would also be able to provide assistance to him by constant communication through the various options available through driver console.

Restrict Unwanted Usage

As school bus tracker software provides real time location data, it can also be used to spot side trips and other aberrations. Once the drivers are aware of this facility, it would naturally curb such tendencies in them. Even if they do, it can be used as solid evidence of school vehicle misuse.

Monitor Behavior to Students & Parents

It is common for parents and students to complain about School bus drivers. The bus surveillance cameras can come to the aid of school transport fleet managers under such circumstances. In general as well, fleet managers can monitor driver behavior towards students and vice versa.

Vehicle Health and Fuel Economy

A vehicle’s maintenance frequency and fuel consumption largely depends on driving style. Too much acceleration, harsh braking, idling and rash driving can shorten the maintenance period and reduce fuel economy. For large school bus fleets, it can make a significant difference in the short term itself, while it would be unwanted expense for smaller fleets in the long term.

Analyzing the performance of the drivers can be of real benefit to the school management as it will help improve safety, streamline expenditure and enhance performance. Employ our GPS school bus tracker and have a great time managing your drivers and providing safety to your students.

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