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How will Reports Help You in Fleet Management?

Tuesday May 26, 2015



School bus tracking is an important element in school bus fleet management. You can use School Bus Tracker software to do that. But, if you thought school bus tracking is just about tracking the location of a school bus, you are wrong.

By tracking your school bus fleet, you mean to monitor every aspect of a school bus. You look into areas where costs can be cut down, benefitting the school. Also, you can look into the performance of your school bus drivers and do much more. To do that effectively, you need the help of reports that can be generated using the software. The reports give a clear idea of where fuel consumption is high or where the school bus driver has taken a different route.

The reports generated, can be of great benefit to your school bus fleet as well as to you.

Lessen manual efforts

Imagine having to note down each and every aspect of school bus fleet management. Your calculations can go wrong. Also, you will have to maintain lots of records like fuel receipts, service logs, odometer reading etc. Generating reports using School Bus Tracker software can lessen manual efforts. You get all the information from a single source. Also, you don’t have to panic to find information at time of need. You can access the information whenever you want.

Improve productivity

The School Bus Tracker software can be used to continuously monitor the performance of drivers. Reports on over speeding, unscheduled bus stops etc. can be generated using the software. These reports can be used to analyse the performance of school bus drivers. You can look into their low performance areas and take measures to improve the productivity of drivers. Also, when the drivers are aware that they are being watched, they will try to perform better.

Better preventive maintenance

With School Bus Tracker software, you can get reports on fuel consumption, which includes mileage updates. This can give you an idea of the preventive maintenance that has to be done to prevent costly breakdowns later. A vehicle that doesn’t miss preventive maintenance has better fuel efficiency and runs more efficiently.

Reduce fuel theft

You don’t have to put in any manual efforts to track down fuel theft. The reports generated using the software show details of fuel transactions. If a vehicle filled a tank beyond its capacity, it will be notified in the reports. Also, when the employees are aware that the fuel consumption is being tracked, fuel theft can be eliminated.

Cut down costs

Using the reports, you can find out the areas where there you can reduce costs. By effective routing and planning, you can cut down labour costs and fuel consumption. . This is going to benefit the schools budget.

Reports that are generated must be understood by everyone. For that, you must use good software such as the School Bus Tracker. You can get ample and clear information regarding your school bus fleet using the software. This is going to help you in effective fleet management.

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