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How to Teach Students the Importance of School Bus Safety

Friday June 3, 2016



A positive school bus environment is key to fostering healthy child development and high level learning and is directly linked to student academic performance”


One of the important aspects of student transportation is safety. School bus is the vehicle that assures safety the most to students. In order to keep their bus safe, students play an important role. School bus environment is a completely different environment for them. Sometimes they may sing, play and shout inside the school bus.

Most of the kids who are having attention and learning issues may be the victims of school bus bullying. They are responsible for their own safety as well as their fellow students. With the help of school bus safety tips, teachers, students and school authorities are able to ensure safety in school transportation.

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Here follows certain ways by which the importance of school bus safety can be taught among parents, teachers and students:

  • Conduct Mock Drills

Mock drills can be conducted to ensure school bus safety. This demonstration helps the students to prepare for the danger awaiting them in school transportation. They will get an awareness regarding school bus safety tips.

Such mock drills can be conducted by school bus drivers. They can explain the proper procedures to be followed by students to safely evacuate from the bus at the time of emergency. Students should be taught about how to exit the bus from the rear door.

Students must listen carefully and follow the instructions from the driver during emergency situations. The mock drills become successful only when there is full participation from students, parents and school authorities.

  • Create Awareness among Teachers and Parents

Teachers play a vital role in assuring school bus safety. First of all they should have proper awareness about safety. They are responsible for teaching students about good behavior, providing proper discipline and supporting students.

Teachers should have proper awareness about school bus safety tips. With the help of safety experts, teachers can be taught about school bus safety and its importance. With this knowledge, they can provide guidance to students.

Parents also have great concern towards student safety. They can make their child aware about various safety rules. There are so many safety tips and issues that parents are unaware of. Safety experts help them to understand and realize about it.

  • Use Gaming Apps

It is a world of gaming apps. Students will be more interested in apps rather than giving them boring lessons. Hence it is a good idea to popularize games that teach school bus rules which indeed help children familiarize with various safety protocols.

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  • Use Pamphlets or Notices

Distributing notices or pamphlets with interesting graphics related to school bus safety can easily grab the attention of students. Such notices can influence the students in following various safety tips. It is highly informative to the students as well as parents.

  • Use Signs or Indications

It is very much useful and valuable if you keep signs at the right places which attract attention of students. This can give them a proper warning regarding dangers. And it also helps them to get prepared whenever they are trapped in danger.

School bus discipline is one of the major issues faced by drivers. They are responsible for the conduct of the students and school bus is the extension of school.

Managing and controlling student behavior on the school bus is a team effort involving teachers, drivers, parents and school authorities. For maintaining a safe environment, it is essential to teach students about the importance of school bus safety.

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