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How to Avoid Truck Accidents – A Visual Guide on Truck Safety [Infographics]

Thursday December 29, 2016



A substantial number of accidents in the US can be called truck accidents, which have caused fatal injuries and losses. These accidents are either caused by the truck drivers or passenger vehicle drivers. They draw us to the fact that both need to take caution if these accidents are to be reduced if not avoided completely. The accidents can also be a result of adverse conditions such as poor weather and poor roads, traffic flow and even vehicle malfunctioning.

Drivers, manufacturers and vehicle owners should be aware that accidents not only cost the lives of the drivers, but also of third parties who are either passengers or pedestrians. There are however rules and conditions that give everyone involved an opportunity to avoid the truck accidents.

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How Car Drivers Can Avoid Truck Accidents

Car drivers should beware of the blind spots, which are usually vividly visible on trucks. They should keep the drivers on check especially when trying to pass or change lanes. When passing, the driver should ensure that they can see the truck driver, thus an assurance that the truck driver can see them, then give the driver a signal. The signal should be given early enough to prepare the truck driver.

The driver should keep a safe distance from the truck, preferably 25 cars length distance. The length should be increased in case of adverse weather conditions or an incline, conditions that increase chances of an accident. The driver should further take note that trucks need a wide birth to turn, therefore avoid being squeezed in the middle. 

Principles of Road Safety -Part II [Infographics]

How Truck Drivers Can Avoid Truck Accidents

All truck drivers should have a Commercial Driver’s License, which has a manual. The manual is meant to guide the truck drivers on all safety measures required of them.

Truck drivers should ensure that their truck has the required weight for safety. Truck weight varies with truck size and type, but the highest weight should not exceed 80,000 tons. The load should be properly distributed to enhance the truck’s balance.

All trucks should be regularly maintained, so that servicing is done and replacement and repairs ensured. Tire failure, mostly caused by tread detachment should be fixed at least before every trip. Wheels coming off and brakes failing when the driver should reduce the speed or stop, a major cause of truck-caused accidents, is also minimized when truck maintenance is observed. 

Principles of Road Safety-III [Infographics]

Truck drivers should adhere to commercial driver hour restrictions. They are not allowed to drive for more than eleven hours. They should therefore get rest before or on the eleventh hour, then proceed later when they are fresh. The drivers should never try to fight eye fatigue, even if they just took the wheel or are about to get to their destination. They should drive to the side of the road and take some sleep.

All drivers should beware of bridges during winter seasons, since bridges freeze faster thus causing accidents.

The infographic below from Tenge Law provides a visual guide on how to avoid Truck Accidents. 


How to Avoid Truck Accidents – A Visual Guide on Truck Safety


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