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GPS Trackers Vs Bluetooth Trackers – Which is More Beneficial

Wednesday July 11, 2018


As a tracking device, a GPS device is really useful in a vehicle. It could really highlight about position of vehicle, its movements, and location. Immensely fruitful in recording the location, the data gets stored in the tracking unit. It could also get transmitted to a central location database. It is even more helpful through its connection to internet that ultimately could get inserted to mobile devices and used as SMS and GPRS.

Bluetooth tracking came into existence with the evolution of Bluetooth low energy technology. As the technology developed leaps and bounds, Bluetooth tracker was ultimately available as an invention in technology. The tracker is available with a stable connection and little consumption of power.

A Comparative Analysis

Price – When it comes to price, Bluetooth trackers are comparatively cheaper. GPS trackers are costlier and those are available with added subscription fees. The cost of a GPS tracker could vary according to the coverage plan that the user needs. But the Bluetooth trackers do not require any additional fees.

Connection range – GPS tracker always has a constant connection and it could give an updated location at any time. But the Bluetooth trackers could only operate within the maximum range of 200 feet. Such trackers rely most on the strength of the Bluetooth signal between the tracker and the device.

Battery life – Most of the Bluetooth trackers require only small amount of power consumption. Only a few amongst them are available with replaceable batteries. The rest of the Bluetooth trackers have only lifespan of one year and those require replacement after that. But some of the companies give discounted renewal programs after that. In comparison to this, GPS trackers have more power consumption, although those are rechargeable and last maximum up to 3 days.

Sound Alerts – Most of the Bluetooth trackers begin ringing, when the users begin looking for them, using their phones. The users could also put those to use by making their missing phones ring. This gives you the privilege to find the exact location of the device, while making a search in the vicinity. But GPS trackers do not come usually with sound alerts but those having sound alerts included have a higher range of price.

Geofencing – GPS trackers could allow the user to establish more than one area, where he/she could get important notification about the activity of the tracker. Bluetooth trackers are confined to tracking when the user is in the range of the Bluetooth signal. The trackers could send notification when the user is in or out of Bluetooth connection range. As the signal is discontinuous, which could at times take place; even the users keep the tracker and device next to each other.

Community help – All the Bluetooth trackers come with community help. Through this facility, the user could ask other tracker users for help when the Bluetooth gets disconnected. The GPS trackers do not give community help as the user gets the continuous connection to either your device or to an external device.

Dimensions – Bluetooth trackers are available in the shapes of coins and those could even be thinner than a credit card. The basic idea behind manufacturing them is to keep them attached to key rings and wallet without the intention of adding any extra weight to the user’s regular necessities. The integrated technology with them could make them depend on the user’s signal from the Bluetooth and hardware inside the devices.

The intention of the manufacturer is to make it lighter to give it a long life. The GPS trackers are bulkier in their sizes as those have more technology and options for recharging inside and for this, the devices need more spaces to accommodate everything. Although, smaller ones are available, those are also comparatively heavier. Though, the manufacture’s idea is to place more capabilities inside such devices, GPS trackers are a little heavier to get carried inside pockets.

Life of the Battery – Both Bluetooth tracker and GPS are rechargeable devices. Life of battery mainly depends on the use by the users. With careful use, the batteries could have really longer lives.

Which one is better- A GPS or Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth tracker gives its best performance in limited and everyday work spheres.  For example, if the user is not able to find his/her key, wallet, or cell-phone which is really tough to find, the Bluetooth t   racker could really connect to the phone and notify the user about its present location. If the user loses his/her key, the tracking app could help the user to locate it. It would intimate about the last known location. The user could simply go to the location and ring the item to know the exact location.

To add to it, a GPS tracker fits best in bigger and open areas and the user is not exactly familiar with the places.  For example, if the user has lost its costly camera and he/she does not remember the exact place, he/she could track it via app would show the exact location of the camera. The user of the camera could retrieve it at any point of time.

As the data gets transmitted through satellites in space, the device would stop notifying about the exact location as soon as the tracker gets close to the lost item within 10 meters due to bad weather. The same could also happen inside a building where internet or tracking facility simply stops functioning.

As both the devices have their specific uses, it is definitely a wiser decision to make combined use of both of them. While tracking has existed in the last decades, excellence in technology could bring in advanced applications in tracking technology. As it has now multiple uses, both Bluetooth and GPS could give combined benefits in every field of search activity.

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