8 Gifts Ideas For School Bus Drivers


Most parents are interested in providing appreciation gifts as well as holiday gifts for their kid’s school bus drivers often during the end of the year, as they take your kids safe from and to school.

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Providing quality gifts is just like saying “Thank You” to those dedicated drivers for meeting your child’s transportation needs. Parents can choose from a huge selection of unique gifts that drivers will love.

Here are few ideas you can consider

1. School bus key chain

Gift ideas for school bus drivers - key chain

Such a custom keychain with about 2.5 inches long small yellow school truck is an ideal gift for school bus drivers. As this key will not occupy too much space in the driver’s pocket, they can even use it along with their bus’ or personal vehicle’s key.

Many online stores such as Amazon, Zazzle, Café press, and Jolly good gifts provide diverse designs of such key chains – with a metal body of bus or ultra-durable acrylic and rubber tires. Most such chains are UV resistant and waterproof which lasts long.

2. Travel mug

Gift ideas for school bus driver - mug

A travel or commuter mug is one of the most useful gifts a bus driver can get. As drivers are constantly travelling, they can use this mug to carry hot or cold beverage for hours.

Such mugs will come with one spill-resistant lid and another one regular lid to take liquid conveniently. Its double-walled stainless steel material will help to prevent rusting as well.

3. Label pin with presentation card

Lapel pin with presentation card

Label pins are the best option to appreciate the driver’s performance for the last year. Such a pin mounted on a presentation card with a special message of praise makes a good gift for them.

Pins often come with an attractive metal design along with a jewelry-style pin, making it a valuable gift.

4. School Bus Driver T-shirt

School Bus Driver T-shirt

Solid to light colored t-shirts are available online as well as in shops that comes in different styles – short color, light weight design, funny images, to heavy weight fabric and more.

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Available for male and female drivers, these t-shirts made from cotton or polyester can also be printed professionally, based on your specific requirement. You can make it customized with an art work, smiley or even print some quotes just like “I Make a Great Driver” or so.

5. Phone cases

Phone cases

Accessible to all ports, controls & sensors, such cases come with both soft flexible or tough materials. With such a case that features a hard shell and a rubber insert, drivers can protect their phones from scratches and lines.

Such cases are also available with unique prints of school bus images or write ups.  Cases which are compatible with wireless charging are also available online.

6. Wall clock with school bus design

Wall clock with school bus design

Such wall clocks with quartz movement designed with attractive and vibrant graphics is a best gift for the school bus driver. Suitable for both office and home, this clock features a hard black plastic case & clear lens. This gift suits all occasions let it be Christmas, Thanksgiving or a school year ending.

7. License Plate Frame

License Plate Frame

Such metal or plastic license plate cover is a perfect gift idea for a driver. Its waterproof vinyl on the frame will last long without any damage. You can also design these plates with your own funny quotes or images.

8. Wrist watch

Wrist watch

Available for both men and women with black leather strap or white silicon material, or with stainless steel construction, stylish watches of diverse models are available.

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Featured with a protective cap, these watches also have an adjustable bezel as well as tri fold closure. Buyers can also personalize this watch with variety of designs or image of a school bus and text for a unique and sturdy timepiece striking.

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