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Gang-Rape Accused Tracked With GPS

Monday September 21, 2015



Delhi Police on Saturday arrested a Meru cab driver involved in the gang rape of a woman in west Delhi. The 37-year-old victim identified the location of the vehicles at the spot. On the basis of Global Positioning System (GPS), a list of names as well as the address of Meru Cab drivers was provided.

“All of them were detained, and the accused was identified by the woman,” said a police officer. Within hours, other culprits were also tracked by the police. According to sources, the victim knew the accused. 

The woman claimed that she was forced into the cab and was gang-raped by five men on Friday. She was taken to a shop after allegedly driven around west Delhi

She was let off at 4:30 am on Friday after that her statement was recorded by a team from Paschim Vihar police station. Police contacted the Meru headquarters after she identified the vehicle.

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“They cooperated with the investigating team and provided a list of suspects within an hour,” the officer added.

According to Meru the ability to track the location of a cab in “real-time” through GPS technology helps to provide security during emergency.

The cab firm confirmed that the driver was employed only after background check. During questioning, the accused revealed that they did not expect the woman would approach the police. One of the accused had threatened that they would kill her and her children.

The women said that she was kidnapped in Sagarpur near Paschim Vihar and then they took her to a puncture repair shop in Peeragarhi and gang raped her.

From the spot where she was kidnapped the shop is about 15 kilometres away. The investigation team is now trying to find whether the five accused have attacked any other woman in the past. So far no criminal records have been emerged.


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