Interesting Real Life Experiences of School Bus Drivers


Safe Transportation of kids to and from school is really an inevitable thing. And it’s quite easy to make it a simple task.

Perhaps, it is school bus drivers who carry the responsibility on their shoulders of keeping children safe during their journey. They play a crucial role in the safety of school buses. They are one of the most trained, skilled and scrutinized professionals on road.

But, unfortunately, they aren’t appreciated for their deeds or are sometimes, not dealt with the respect they deserve, where it is really important to value them.

 In fact, School Bus Drivers are one of the most trained, skilled and scrutinized professionals on road.

So, let’s listen to some of the interesting real-life memories and experiences of school bus drivers…

  1. Though he was created to be in dark, he didn’t give up…

In my 23 years long driving experience, one of my favorites is that with a visually impaired student. This student was keenly interested in the bus and used to ask me questions everyday about how things work in a bus. He was really good at catching things, that he even recognized other drivers and dispatchers when they talked on the radio.

One morning, few students were home sick and were not riding the bus, so we arrived 15 minutes earlier.

Since the teachers usually don’t come out to get the students off the bus until the scheduled time, I secured the bus (Turned off the engine, took out the key, and bled down the air pressure), and asked him whether he would like to sit in the driver’s seat.

His face lit up with an extreme aura of happiness, and I along with my assistant helped him to the driver’s seat. As he ran his hands over the control switches, I explained him the switches. He was so happy that he smiled ear-to-ear.

Few days later, we were again early to school and this time he asked me whether he could sit in the driver’s seat, and I was shocked that he ran his hand over each switch and named them from his memory.

“This is the master switch… the clearance lights switch… left defrost switch..”  He had memorized all the controls in just one go.

He was an amazingly intelligent and insightful student, and it was my privilege to be his bus driver and “see” a different outlook on life.

-A privileged memory shared by Josh Baumann

  1. Thanks Giving Cards!!!!!!!!

It was more than 30 years ago, that once teenage guy got into my bus from his usual stop.

But unusually, he had a sack in his hand and I wondered what it was. Luckily, he asked me to guess it. Since I had no idea, I said “Sorry kid, I donno”. But his reply shocked me. He said that the sack was full of Thanks Giving Cards.

Such a cute kid was he that he planned to give everybody Thanks Giving Cards on a Valentine’s Day, instead of roses or love letters.

-A cute memory recollected by Becky Riley.

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  1. Greetings…

Children may not know what they mean to me. Perhaps, they are kids may not have the ability to understand it.

Whatever, I like to give them a morning wish and an evening wish.

I don’t wish them expecting it back, and many of them don’t care about greeting me back. But when someone does it, I really feel grateful deep inside and my heart gets filled with a kind of unexpressed emotion.

-A grateful memory shared by Nancy a Sauerbrei

  1. Do I look like a Santa???

The day when a student called me a ‘Santa’ for the first time is still green in my mind. But unfortunately, I don’t why do they still call me so? Haha…

-A funny memory shared by Garry Bull

  1. Uff!!!!!! A wasp fly here

Several years back, I was taking my middle school students home. Due to the exceptional scorching heat of June, all the windows were open.

(The bus wasn’t occupied with AC). All of a sudden a wasp flew into the window and wreaked havoc. Everybody started screaming and yelling out of fear.

I stopped the bus and walked to the aisle where the wasp was on the ceiling. I grabbed the wasp by its wings and threw it out of the window, and came back to my driver seat.

But then I heard someone asking, “Did he grab that wasp by his hand?” I just smiled to myself and finished my routes.

An adventurous memory shares by Joe White

  1. Handsome me!!!!!!!!

One day I was waiting at the door of a loaded bus to give the key to a last minute sub-driver.

It was then that a 5 year old young lady came to me and said that I look handsome. I was overwhelmed with joy to hear this from a kid. I was like “O.. wow!!! Am I that handsome”. But soon before I could barely say anything, she took a long breath the completed the sentence “Just like my Grandpa”. Uff!!!!!! I was dumbstruck. This was really funny for me.

-A funny memory by  Don Robinson

  1. My dad has got….

I have a 7 year old ranch boy in my bus. We usually chat about farm/ranch type things in the morning.

And one day as usual, we were talking about the upcoming calving season, when the little guy piped up and started speaking-“My dad got horny blah blah blah..”

I was about to spit the coffee over the dash!!! But trying to remain composed I listened to him and realized that he was talking about his last calf. I asked him-“ Horny must be a cow?” and he replied “Yes”.

Hahaha I think children are too naive at heart.

-A misinterpreted incident shared by Roxanne Swartz

  1. Total Silence throughout the journey

I had a special need kid, who would get upset and bang the window if things got too loud.

One day I was dealing with some other difficulties, I don’t remember what it was. But I remember what I said to my kids.

I said them that I needed complete silence for the love of Carter. I don’t know why, but I finished that trip with pin drop silence.

I was really proud of my kids then, that when it came for the cause of some needy student, they all quitted themselves for him. They really left me in tears that day.

-A proud memory shared by Lynn Welton

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  1. The Naughty Pie..

Once I had a very naught kindergarten kid in my bus. He was like super crazy and annoying.

He always used to irritate other kids, from hitting to being disrespectful, and even once he asked an older student that whether she washed her face in the morning before leaving to school. She was really hurt by his words and ended up in tears.

I almost dreaded picking this guy. But one fine morning, he got into the bus and gave me a hug. I wondered that what happened to him!!! Then we reached school, where I usually unload ladies first, but he walked to the front of the Bus and again gave me the Biggest Hug and said, “Mrs. Tammy, I’m so sick and cried”.

I pulled up and secured my Bus and took him to the Nurse’s Office Hand in Hand. Once he returned, he never missed to hug me daily.

-One of the heart-touching experiences shared by Yarbrough Tammy.

10. My Birthday ‘Gifts’, not presents…

I drove for almost 30 years before retiring last December. I would have to say that one of my best memories was on my birthday.

My birthday falls in the month of June, so we rarely drive on my birthday. But once on my birthday, as every child boarded my bus to go home, they handed me a gift, not a present.

A gift- an Apple left over from lunch, A headless Lego man, a rubber band bracelet, weeds, leaves and rocks from the school yard, a marble, half used pencils, notes and pictures on scraps of paper, hair ribbons any many.

Perhaps, the size or quality or rate of these tiny gifts, these really meant a lot to me. This showed me the innocence of a small child’s heart. That’s why I call it as gifts and not presents.

-A memory which shows the innocent mindset of kids, shared by Terrie Matthews Keisler.

While a few of the Bus Driver Experiences or Memories are shared here, there are a lot more which may raise interest in you…

Perhaps, these stories were simply meant to throw an idea to show you how dedicated and passionate school bus drivers are. In fact, most of them do it out their passion, and the children along with the bus means a lot to them.

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