30 Essential Road Safety Rules in India [Infographic]


Road safety is of prime importance as it is essential to avoid unnecessary accidents. We’ve already lost a lot of lives just because we haven’t been careful enough. Safety is gainful, accident is painful.

Safety begins with a team work and we all have to keep an eye out to not just our safety but also the safety of others too. Safety rules are your best tools for survival. We all have come across someone who has met with a terrible accident.

So, it is not uncommon. With the right steps we can avoid any harm to ourselves and others.

The best gift we can give our family is ourselves. It is not something new that India’s roads are the most chaotic place to ride a vehicle. It is mandatory to adhere to the rules while you are on the road.

Road safety rules are not to be taken lightly but most people don’t even follow the speed lanes correctly. According to the Road Safety Annual Report, there has been a significant rise in the fatalities just because people are not careful about the rules created just for the safety of them.

How many of you know about the road safety week that is conducted every year on January?

People forget to follow simple rules like zebra crossing is for pedestrians.

The new measures implemented aims to make the roads safer to both drivers and pedestrians. A lot of road accidents in India occur due to over speeding and recklessness.

If you could just be more cautious a life could be saved. There are signs on the road that you fail to notice just because you are driving your vehicle fast.

These road signs are carefully implemented by road safety authorities after checking on the probability of the accidents. Responsible driving is to keep an eye out for road signs and follow them without prejudice. Check out this infographic to know the 30 essential road safety rules in India. 

30 essential road safety rules in india infographic

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