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    15 Best Bus Parking Games 2020


    Diverse bus parking games are now available in Google and Apple stores, which you can download easily and play.

    “Parking the bus” means playing defensively. When it comes to bus parking games, you have to complete your missions as fast as possible to beat other players and win.

    While car parking is quite easy, the case is not the same with parking a big bus, without causing any accidents and without disturbing other vehicles or people around.

    Not everyone will be experienced in driving and parking large coach and luxury buses. These bus parking games will make you an expert driver.

    1. Off-road Bus Simulator 2019 

    Most addictive bus simulator game ever. 

    Play this bus driving game to be the bus driver and drive the bus coach on uphill mountains. 

    Your mission is to pick up the passengers and help them to reach the destination safely without hitting traffic vehicles. Enjoy the mountain climb with your minibus and drive safely to get tips from tourists in this uphill bus driving game. 

    Playing this game helps you to become a perfect and skilled off road bus driver. Have a lot of fun playing this bus driving game.


    • Various modes of off-road bus driving simulator
    • Efficient control of buses
    • Different types of music to enjoy the long bus driving
    • Real off-road driving experience

    2) Modern Bus Parking Adventure

    Enjoy the long vehicle driving thrill!

    Modern Bus Parking Adventure game is packed with a variety of advanced driving and parking missions. This game provides a long driving experience on various city locations and hard parking experience.

     If you wish to learn about long vehicle driving and advance parking techniques, then this game is the finest option for you. This game is based on a unique idea as compared to other bus racing games and cargo driving games.


    • HD vivid graphics with smooth steering control
    • Highly optimized bus driving game for low storage devices
    • Free driving game (no internet connection and Wi-Fi required)
    • In-app purchases are added.
    • Advance bus interior provide a real bus driving experience

    3) Coach Bus Simulator 2019

    bus parking games

    One of the best 3D bus simulator games. 

    This game lets you enjoy real bus drive on mountain coach to pick and drop passengers safely to their destinations. This 3D game is sure to satisfy all your 3D bus driving simulator needs. The game gets more exciting when you navigate on the hill roads.  

    Drive your coach bus through impossible mountain tracks, pick up passengers and drive them safely to their destinations. You can get acquainted with the changing weather conditions, scenic environment and also amazing vehicles around you. Coach Bus Simulator 2019 game has a smooth gameplay which will make you feel like a brilliant bus driver


    • Real nature fell with realistic mountain driving
    • Easy and smooth steering controls
    • Adventurous and exciting levels
    • Excellent HD Graphics and backgrounds

    4) Modern Bus Parking 2019

    bus parking games

    Modern Bus Parking 2019 entertains the players in a very effective way. 

     This game includes multi-level parking to help you become a multi-talented bus driver. This game helps you to learn the real art of bus parking by solving bus parking issues by following the commands.  

    Practice bus parking skills by driving the tourist bus and practically enjoy all the features of coach driver simulator. You will get all sorts of instructions to be followed in this multi-story parking game.

     Play this game and mold yourself to be a legendary bus parking master of bus plaza parking in a short period.


    • Multi-story bus parking
    • Open-ended customization
    • Genuine guidelines for player
    • Issueless and bufferless game flow

    5) Advance Bus Parking Simulator

    bus parking games

    Do you wish to enjoy the experience of parking buses in multi-level parking lots? Then this game is apt for you.

    Advance Bus Parking Simulator game lets you face challenges to park your bus on the correct destination. All you need is to focus and control your bus on curvy roads safely. 

    Play and trounce all the stunning levels of Advance Bus Parking Simulator and win exciting benefit points. Get the chance to buy a New Luxury bus and ride through the city!


    • Smart bus parking system
    • Highway City Bus Parking Adventure Levels
    • 3D Auto Driver cruise control
    • S City Bus Parking 3D Environment

    6) Next bus driving 3d Bus parking

    bus parking games

    The most challenging game ever!

    Next bus driving 3d Bus parking game is a thrilling and adventurous bus driving and bus parking game. This bus simulator game provides you a natural sense of driving.  Play Next bus driving 3d Bus parking with lots of challenges.

    This amazing game expert you in driving and parking the bus. You have to face many challenges to increase your driving skills.


    • Exciting Challenging levels
    • Free parking Simulation
    • Multiple levels & Modes
    • Realistic Ultra Graphics
    • Smooth and Realistic control
    • 3D Gameplay

    7) School Bus Coach Driver 2019

    An entertaining adventure is here for you… Play School Bus Coach Driver 2019.

    The goal of this game to help kids reach their schools safely.

    In this student transportation game, you need to control and drive the bus very carefully. Drive safely and get rid of all obstacles from your way and always remember to concentrate on heavy traffic while you drive the high school coach. Keep an eye on the city traffic to avoid accidents. Drive your off-road school bus safely from hills to the city high school.


    • Realistic bus Interiors
    • Both right-hand drive and left-hand drive
    • Big city and uphill off-road environments

    8) Classic Bus Parking – Real Driving School 2019

    This adventurous game lets you drive coaches on difficult city roads. You have to focus and drive carefully, avoid accidents and hurdles. The city roads are busy and congested due to heavy traffic around. You have to drive the bus through these city roads during peak times, so extra care should be needed.Your specific destination will be shown by pointing the arrow sign in this bus racing game on the screen.

    Drive your bus as much as you can so that you can earn bonus points and also enjoy driving through city tricky tracks. 

     Get a chance to show your off-road bus simulator skills by playing Classic Bus Parking – Real Driving School 2019.


    • Exciting Challenging levels
    • Excellent HD Graphics and backgrounds
    • Smooth and Realistic control


    9) Bus Parking 2019bus parking games

    Play Bus Parking 2019- A lot of fun awaits you!!!

    Bus Parking 2019 enables you to experience gorgeous graphics of magnificent urban surroundings.

    The driver should drive the bus carefully to reach the ultimate goal and win extra credits. This game is designed with excellent graphics, crazy challenging levels, etc. It is optimized to run smoothly on all devices. 


    • Smooth parking simulation
    • Different levels and modes of parking
    • Bus park 3D environment

    10) City Bus Parking: Real Driving Experience 2019 3D

    The most awaited game of 2019. Drive your bus to reach your destinations where many passengers are waiting for you.  This simulator game is an awesome game of bus parking and transporter. Play and be an experienced bus driver by driving heavy American bus with realistic driving experience. This game has amazing realistic graphics with excellent game controls and real bus driving Experience. 

    This game includes many types of buses.  City Bus Parking: Real Driving Experience 2019 3D is the best simulator ever on play store.


    • Realistic driving experience
    • Awesome fantasy 3D environment
    • Multi-level Bus transport game
    • Featuring Realistic City Experience

    11) Heavy Bus Parking Simulator

    Experience adventurous handling of double-decker buses and the best school bus. This game is simple and extremely addictive to play.

    In Heavy Bus Parking Simulator you have to drive buses through city tracks and highway roads to take local passengers. Overtake city traffic and vehicles nearby and become the fastest city bus driver, remember to avoid crashes and blood spills. Drive carefully using modern accelerator controls in this adventurous bus driving game.

    This game is sure to touch the heights of racing madness and to perform racing stunts. It is packed with lots of challenges, scenic surroundings, and exciting levels to unlock.

    Accelerate, speed up, drift and brake as fast as you can to Win Your Race! All you need is to play, win and earn coins to buy luxury buses and to build your fast track bus platoon. It requires millions of dollars, so kick start your bus racing career to reach the top. 


    • Realistic Bus crash, destruction and damage
    • Real Bus Physics with smooth driving controls
    • Amazing multilevel bus parking ventures
    • Career Mode as Single Player & Multiplayer Mode.

    12) Real Army Bus Simulator 2019: Transporter Games

    Get excited to play an adventurous off-road Army bus coach. The mission of this game is to transport Indian army commando modern buses to US army military training school base camp. 

    Perform best off road driving on mountain hill climb areas. Drive US army coach bus on slippery and dangerous areas of off road. You can improve your bus driving skills by following the instructions and reach the destination safely on time. 


    • Animated characters Military Officers
    • Multiple camera views
    • Transport Army commandos
    • Transmission Control (Auto – Manual)

    13) Flying Bus Driving simulator 2019

    Bored with usual bus driving games? Through the city traffic, old fashioned buses, picking and dropping passengers, same routine, etc.

    Say goodbye to these usual games. Play Flying Bus Driving simulator 2019 to get to places quicker, faster and even cheaper at times. Set your bus mode to flying mode, just like in all flying games and travel the distance faster than you can think of.

    Leave all the traffic behind and fly up in the sky through skyscrapers and reach your destination safely. In this game, you are responsible to board passengers and school students safely. Don’t get over-excited and be more responsible in school bus driving simulator game 2019.


    • Three different exciting modes (Free mode, school mode and passenger mode)
    • best driving and flying controls
    • pick dangerous checkpoints in city buildings

    14) Impossible Bus Simulator Tracks Driving

    Are you a professional and well-experienced driver? If so, this game is apt for you.

    Impossible Bus Simulator Tracks Driving game is a very difficult and dangerous one, as it is designed in the air. You can win this game only if you are able to perform insane driving. The paths are impossible to drive. So you need to be focused and alert while driving through tricky roads and curvy paths or else your luxury bus will be crashed.


    • Extreme bus stunts and realistic driving simulation
    • Amazing tracks dangerous sharp turns with jumps and obstacles
    • Realistic physics for real driving experience on impossible tracks.
    • Mid-air stunts and sky high driving tracks 

    15) City Toon Bus Driving Game 2019

    bus parking games

    Get ready to play an innovative smashy driving game ever.

    In this game, your mission is to pick up and drop off passengers from bigger city parking areas. Buckle up seat belts, start your engine and be ready for passenger transportation on the city routes. You have to get on the board and take control of the city coach bus as a real city bus driver in this coach driving game 2019.


    • Realistic and physics-based big bus simulation
    • Variety of luxury buses and coaches
    • Easy bus game play with user-friendly GUI
    • Stunning city view with high-quality 3D graphics of smashy toon bus games

    All these games are sure to give the real experience of driving. Play these best parking games and be the master of off road bus parking games. 


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