30 Best Schools in Melbourne


The concept of an ideal school is different for all parents. While some look for a good education, others check for advanced facilities, and some will look for sports or arts activities.

Melbourne, Australia’s cultural capital is well known for its food, cosmopolitan lifestyle and the universities and schools.


Schools here follow the Australian education system and education is provided in three levels – primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Choosing the right school for your kid is quite a time-consuming task.

Here’s a list of top 30 schools in Melbourne

1. Melbourne Grammar School

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This school based in the district of South Yarra in Melbourne provides a universal education environment for students.

When it comes to history, this leading school in Australia has a tradition of the brilliance of more than 160 years.

This institution aims at providing a comprehensive education system that is ideal to develop each student’s academic, responsive, emotional and communal growth.

Students will be taught to become independent, at the same time creative and responsible in fulfilling their duties in society.

2. Balwyn High School

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This leading state school provides a socially varied community and thus aims at offering ways to improve the educational experience of all the students who complete their studies here.

This high school staff works together to provide a safe study environment for children and they work hard to lead in the education sector and to maintain their standard of educational excellence.

The school targets mainly on student’s learning, wellbeing, transition, and engagement, thus making their performance better.

3. The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School

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This high school for girls, run by the Victoria Department of Education is committed to academic excellence.

The educational experiences provided at this campus helps students to be prepared for the future and be ready to face any challenges that may come across.

Established in 1905, as the Melbourne Continuation School, this school is dedicated to achieving excellent success in the academic level and evolving real leadership skills in students and makes them a complete person.

4. Alphington Grammar School

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This co-educational grammar school, located in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs aims at ensuring student’s success with proper learning practices.

The school has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in September, with a Grand Ball held at Leonda by the Yarra.

The celebration highlighted its key achievements over three decades.

Teaching as well as the non-teaching staff here helps to prepare students for the changing life, work as well as learning atmosphere.

They also support students in reaching great heights not only in education but also in sports and other activities.

5. Nossal High School

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Named as one of the top schools in Victoria in 2018, this co-educational school provides a comprehensive variety of courses and co-curricular experiences and programs.

Named after the achievements of Sir Gustav Nossal, a well-known scientist, this school also supports students in sports, creative art, music as well as leadership changes along with academic courses.

Skilled educators in this school strive to provide the best possible learning environment and outcomes for the students.

6. Fintona Girls’ School

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Established in 1896, this independent girl’s school offers an outstanding education for students from ELC to 12 years.

Located in Balwyn, this educational organization provides academic courses that lead to better personal growth and progress for all their students.

The staff here encourages all their students to be the best in all development sectors.

Along with standard education, a Fintona student can also learn to work independently and even face challenges and win their career goals.

7. Suzanne Cory High School

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Based in Werribee and started in 2011, this school provides education for talented students from Year 9 to Year 12.

The wide-ranging curriculum at this selective entry school aims at assisting students to move to high levels of achievement.

The admission at this government school will be based on entrance examinations conducted by the Victorian Department of Education and Training during mid-year.

Learning as well as teaching models is based on research at the international level.

8. Belgrave Heights Christian School

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Founded in 1983 as a primary school, this is now a lively co-educational K-12 school that teaches over 750 students.

This open enrolment school now offers wide-ranging co-curricular choices for students.

Beautiful and peaceful environment, excellent teaching, student engagement activities, leadership building training, sports activities, standard administration system and experienced staff all make this school a unique one.

In a Christ-centered setting, this institution aims at offering high-quality education.

9. Camberwell Grammar School

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Designed for boys in the local society, this school was started in 1886 by A.B. Taylor.

It follows the current approach to education. The curriculum followed here combines academic learning with arts, music as well as sports. Teaching strategies followed here intend to make their students good citizens.

Students are also encouraged to support the practice of democracy, equal rights to all as well as freedom of religion, speech, and association.

10. Christ Church Grammar School

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Established in 1910, this primary and secondary day boarding school has a long history in achieving academic success.

The school works with the mission of building good men and each student will be trained to live with a positive attitude even in this challenging living space.

They also support parents to take part in almost all aspects of school life. Teaching strategies are designed to bring out all the abilities of boys and thus enriching their lives.

11. Al-Taqwa College

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Located outside Melbourne, this Islamic school of Victoria offers its students with the academic curriculum of high standards.

Along with encouraging studies, the college also supports its student’s leadership qualities, which helps them a lot in the future. Focused on quality learning, this institution provides complete education that is required to develop key talents in students and make them self-determining young adults.

The staff here also focuses on developing problem-solving abilities in students.

12. Carey Baptist Grammar School

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With four campuses in Victoria, this is a co-educational, independent, Christian school started in 1923.

Recognized by the Council of International Schools in the year 2001, this organization provides students with an option to choose the VCE or International Baccalaureate (IB) programs as their final criterion.

Experienced teachers here provide clear feedback that makes the students think and act accordingly and become more responsible.

The courses provided in this school are based on the benefits and skills of each student.

13. Erasmus Primary School

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Founded in 1996, this primary school is dedicated to providing the best education available.

The team of committed instructors and support staff work together to assist each child to cross through their school years in a dedicated manner.

One among the 11 Renaissance schools worldwide, Erasmus Primary School aims at achieving success in all aspects – let that be educational, physical or creative.  Staff here also encourages students to respect others, sharing and thus build a better personality.

14. Shelford Girls’ Grammar

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This small but independent school in Melbourne was founded in 1898 and it provides education for the girl’s community.

The academic courses provided here support students to obtain a diversity of skills and capabilities.

Here, staff, as well as scholars, work together in a supportive atmosphere and thus they are encouraged to achieve their potential goals. This institution is also a member of Girls Sport Victoria, as well as the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia.

15. Beverley Hills Primary School (BHPS)

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Ranked as one of the best-performed schools in Victoria, many students have praised this school’s skilled and experienced teaching staff in Google reviews.

Activities in this school such as group discussions in class, combined activities, and behavior training make students perfect and prepare for the future.

Their talent in sports, arts, as well as creativity,  is also awarded, along with academic success.

16. St Catherine’s School

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A top girl’s school in Toorak, Australia, St Catherine offers an inspiring atmosphere that allows students to focus completely on being responsible young women of the future.

Students are also taught to develop self-discipline. They are trained to be self-governing, brave and artistic at the same time.

Educators here work hand in hand to empower girls to prepare for life and encourage them to participate actively in academic as well as other extracurricular activities.

17. Caulfield Grammar School – Caulfield Campus

Founded in 1881, as a boy’s school, this is one of the richest schools in Australia.

This Grammar school offers a variety of scholarships for academic programs as well as music, drama, and art. The complete focus is on quality earning.

Their comprehensive curriculum allows students to prepare for life. This institution also offers advanced technology to facilitate a better learning experience.

The syllabus offered here is based on the latest trends and best practices in education. Students are encouraged to find their own path.

18. Southmoor Primary School

The lively learning atmosphere and groundbreaking programs in this institute support each student to meet their complete potential in a quiet safe environment.

Students are provided with opportunities to improve their self-confidence and well-being, along with attaining personal accomplishments.

They were trained to meet the challenges in the future and be a perfect human being with intelligence. Students are also allowed to engage in additional activities and sports items along with their regular syllabus.

19. Korowa Anglican Girls’ School

Established in 1890, this school for girls works with a strategic design to support each student, with a better learning atmosphere.

Though named formally as Corowa in 1899, it was later changed to Korowa. Their extended history of academic brilliance, flexible courses, effective teaching styles, and well-facilitated campus makes it an ideal place for your daughter to learn, play and grow.

Their efficient learning programs help students in facing real-world challenges.

20. Fitzroy Community School

This primary school started in 1976 is quite different from many other schools.

A unique school of its kind, Fitzroy Community School creates a different lifestyle that encourages students to love learning and win academic success, thus making them good human beings.

Educators here also focus on their student’s behavior as well as better communication capabilities.

Children will be taught all the required skills to earn better jobs in their lives.

21. Doncaster Gardens Primary School

The school is located in Doncaster East, Australia. Social diversity, commitment to quality learning, safety measures, effective curriculum programs, caring educational atmosphere as well as technically enriched facility makes this institution a great place for your kid.

Custom-tailored syllabus and courses offered here help each student to get the necessary support and extra assistance that make them not only good students but also good and kind human beings.

22. Burwood East Primary School

With its proven history in education, this primary school is focused on making each kid be intellectually and spiritually prepared to meet their academic goals.

The school management works together and encourages students to exploit their potential in all areas of the academic as well as artistic programs.

Parent participation in the programs of the school is also encouraged and parents are free to question and provide feedback on school matters.

23. St Joseph’s Primary School Elsternwick

At St. Joseph’s, culture and schooling include not only academic instruction but also permanent skills to become empathetic and grow to be contributing citizens.

Attractive heritage architecture, rear playground, and painting of the front playground are also factors of attraction to this school.

The education provided here based on the Victorian Curriculum aims at providing a complete and efficient learning atmosphere for students in a safe and happy way.

24. North Melbourne Primary School

Based in North Melbourne, Australia, the North Melbourne Primary School is devotedly dedicated to developing student learning abilities and meeting the needs of all students by providing efficient teaching approaches.

One of the innovative pedagogical teaching methods this institution provides is inquiry learning, which encourages students to ask pivotal questions for detailed analysis.

25. Lauriston Girls’ School

Established in 1901, this institution is a self-regulating, non-denominational, day school for girls, where it has a non-selective enrolment policy.

They also support co-educational for three-year-old and four-year-old Kindergarten and girls-only from Prep school to Year 12.

Lauriston opened its regional campus ‘Howqua’ in the Victorian High Country in 1993 exclusively for their Year 9 students.

This is the first Australian program launched for students to participate in an extensive academic, pastoral and outdoor programs for the entire school year.

26. The Knox School

Founded as Knoxfield College in February 1982, this school is located in the eastern Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It is a self-governing, co-educational and non-denominational day school.

The Knox School is a member of the Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne association.

At present, 680+ students are learning at school. The vibrant teachers of this school help in nurturing the adaptive set of skills and values of the students.

27. Kilvington Grammar School


The school is located in Ormond, a suburb in Melbourne, Australia.

To help students become strong, judgmental, caring and thoughtful, the Kilvington education is shaped on four key pillars – Academic Excellence, Character, Community and Care.

Their vision is to be a school of excellence offering a comprehensive education to both girls and boys, allowing them to stand out independently and as part of society.

28. Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

With more than 2,500 students – both girls and boys, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS) is a leading multi-campus private school located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The school offers an enriching education.

From Kindergarten to VCE, the school offer co-educational learning environments and an extensive co-curricular program that encourages students to develop their senses of sportsmanship, ingenuity, community, and headship.

29. Firbank Girls’ Grammar School

Established in 1909, by the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, Firbank Grammar School is an independent, Anglican, day and boarding school located in the suburb of Brighton, Melbourne, Australia.

The school is both co-educational (Early Learning Centre and Primary School) and girls only.

By providing them the right balance of educational and real-life experiences, Firbank makes their students choose the right path and be independent.

30. Oakleigh South Primary School

Located in a calm area of Oakleigh South, this school is devoted to assisting students in their life period of success.

Along with learning regular academic subjects, students were also trained in Communications Technology, which helps them make their careers.

They were also encouraged to improve with responsibility and grow with self-confidence.

Experienced educators here also contribute to a high standard of learning and teaching.

Hope this list helps you choose the right school for your child!

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