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Wish to be an Awesome Parent? Follow these 15 Tips

Thursday February 8, 2018


How simple would it be if babies come with guideline manual?

The question every couple has in mind when on the verge of becoming parents.

Let us plot certain scenes and introspect! How will you react in the following instances?

Imagine a scenario where in your child’s longing for something quickly escalates into an outright tantrum. Or a situation you sense the child is hiding something from you. Or maybe you invariably sense fear in his or her eyes, however you can’t figure out why?

Still, no clue, is it?

Apparently there is no tough or rapid protocol to raise an ideal child. However certain parenting tips can assist you in avoiding the mistakes you often commit unknowingly, when it comes to children.

Your Time Matters

1. Every child loves listening to their parent’s voice. Studies have shown that the child starts to perceive the vibes and notions of the parents right from the mother’s womb.

Ensure that you maintain a positive environment for your child. Read out insightful stories, even when they are babies. This will aid you to bond with the child.

2. Spend time with your kids. The relevant and the only way to realize your kids closely is to devote time with them. This would render them a chance to understand you too. Even though you are busy, spend at least an hour or two listening to what they did for the day.

Don’t leave the chance to induce a feeling that you respect their interests. It doesn’t matter if you should build mud pies with them. Besides, when you set aside time for them, they will learn to value everything and balance their own lives. 

3. Display curiosity in recognizing their routine, even though you are engaged. Questions such as “what did you perform in school today?” “what unique matters did you learn today?” “How to spend this weekend?” assure that you are there for them and they can always come to you with the problems they have. This will induce a sense of confidence and security in them.

4. Time with Dad – often spending time with their father has shown an exceptional development. Kids, who spend time with their dad are found to be keener and will act positively in whatever difficulties they confront.

Build Emotional Strength

5. When they commit something, pleasant or irritating, acknowledge it. Don’t just say they were excellent or poor. Be specific regarding what made you feel they were exceptional. If they miss something, point it out. This will assist them to work further on their strengths and weaknesses. Be their best critic, yet the strongest supporter.

6. Never ever compare!

Arguably, you will have a tendency for citing examples. At certain times, you don’t realize where the line is. As examples turn to comparisons, it only diminishes the child’s confidence and leads to insecurities.

Consider a situation, where your child is upset with her performance in the exams. Instead of telling them “Look how marvelous he performed, you need to learn from him”, tell them “let’s work on your methods, I believe you have superb potential”

At the same time, don’t attempt to push the limits beyond their withstanding capability.

Character replicates

7. Be the person you desire your child to be!

Your child is an absolute result of the idol you have carved. Just as in the examples you have set in front of him. This says a plethora of matters with respect to values, behavior, perseverance and responsibility. They will walk over the footprints you leave behind.

For instance, instead of asking them to apologize when they mess up ensure that you act the same when you blow up.

Practice what you preach. Actions create a lasting impression.

8. Don’t underestimate them when they grow capable enough. Give them a chance to handle issues by themselves. And never rush in to support them with issues they can manage, yet acknowledge their frustrations with care.

9. Discipline can’t be force fed! Teach them morals and values, although in a practical and positive manner. Demonstrate the obedience you desire to inculcate in them.

10. Express emotions – this will aid your child to be expressive regarding his or her feelings too. When you express feelings of love and kindness, the kids will reciprocate. They will maintain the same sensitivity and compassion towards other people.

11. The fights matter. Argue over concerns that assists you to mold your child rather than argue over the petty concerns such as food or TV.  On the other hand, it is wise to avoid rudeness or hitting. Don’t resist everything they say, as this will shut them off completely.

12. The Eye game – Tell the kids to notice the color of a person’s eye. And no, this is not just for entertainment. This will genuinely build your child’s confidence and assist them to be assertive.

13. Give joy filled memories.  They might not remember your words, however your actions they surely will.  Develop family traditions such as trip on the last days of every month or cooking together as a family on weekends. These beautiful memories will be cherished by them forever.  Whenever they are nostalgic, they will be jubilant

14. Respect your other half.  Your marriage is the best example for your kids to show as to what a relationship honestly means in a person’s life. If you disrespect each other’s opinions and believes in front of your child, it takes a toll on your child’s mentality in regard to relationships. Always remember that they are watching you closely.

It’s the Little Facts

15. Don’t force them to finish meals. If your child refuses to finish the meal, let it be. Never force them to finish it for fulfilling your satisfaction. This could lead them to develop unhealthy eating habits as an adult.

Every child is different, although the basic human nature at the core remains the same. All children may not respond to your parenting in a similar manner. Nevertheless, if you observe your child’s psychological response patterns carefully, it will definitely assist you in the process.

No parent is excellent, No child is either.  Follow your instincts, since parenting is hardwired.

If you wish to add your experiences and suggestions, please feel free to share it in the comments section.

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