Advantages of GPS Tracking System


A properly integrated real-time GPS tracking system goes a long way in ensuring the safety of school children while travelling in the school bus. It keeps you in the loop in real-time, notifying any unusual activity

The School Bus Tracker has a fully integrated GPS tracking system. Let’s see what the advantages the School Bus Tracker provides with its comprehensive tracking system.

Real-time Information

Undoubtedly the most obvious advantage, real-time information helps you know where your buses are, monitor pick-up and drop-off. You will get information if one of the buses goes off route or if there are unscheduled stops, etc.


Two-way communication is a part of the software, and allows you to get in touch with the bus driver in case of any anomalies.

Improved Accuracy

The real-time information provided by the GPS system is saved. This info can be used to improve your map data, your routes and planning in future.

Student Safety

Get notified if a student steps into the wrong bus or if a student misses a stop and more. The primary aim of the whole software is undoubtedly the safety of students. You can enhance safety by monitoring speed, creating geo-fences and re-routing buses away from accidents.


Control costs by reducing fuel usage, observing on-board engine diagnostics, automating driver logs/timesheets and more.

State of the art Software & Hardware

The School Bus Tracker has a simple, user-friendly interface designed and developed in-house. We use high quality hardware from, leading hardware provider of vehicle tracking systems.

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