8 School Bus Games You Can Download Now On Android


If you have a craze for school bus games, there are hundreds of options available on Android. Driving games have always been popular among players. But school bus games add more attachment and indulge you in a personal way.

This article has the best school bus games that you can download on Android.

1. City School Bus Coach Simulator

With a combination of city bus, school bus and other buses, this simulator game offers satisfaction to your bus riding wishes. You get to drive multiple buses and coach. The rush on the roads and the responsibility of pick up and drop off make this simulator more interesting than other school bus games.

The best features of this game include multi-angle camera view. Advanced 3D graphics that give realistic views of the virtual city. Players can complete levels to attain new buses and enjoy more advanced simulator experiences.

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2. High School Bus Driving 3D

Another simulation game that satisfies your school bus driving desires. The fun and energetic levels of this game allow you to become a disciplined citizen and understand the responsibilities in traffic. The tasks change with levels you complete and so is the difficulty.

As a driver in the game, you are required to go to various bus stops and pick children. Traffic rules are presented in monitor and follow. The game notifies when you need to blow horn. Using indicators and maintaining a safe speed is also included in the rules of this app game.

Game quality and graphics’ appeal create an engaging environment to play. You learn a lot about the city environment, school bus driving and following traffic rules.

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3. City School Bus Drive Fun

This game shows a luxurious school bus that moves from one part of the city to others. This game is a blend of time management, driving, and coaching. With 3D graphics, this bus driving game offers enjoyable moments on the school bus. The tracks that are offered seem challenging, which also improve the engagement. You can win laps by completing trails provided as challenges.

Dodging high traffic on the roads becomes a great challenge. This school bus game is more adventurous than many other choices in this category.

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4. Flying School Bus

A different approach to school bus game is possible with game. This free Android game offers flying experience when you ride the virtual school bus.

As you fly your bus, the challenges become different compared to other school bus games. For instance, this game presents extreme conditions of weather, which you have to conquer. The same game also offers helicopter, airplane and other flying experiences as well.

The graphics feel as if you are in the future when school buses have started flying. You can take your school bus game love to a new level and feel like a pilot. The views look beautiful and provide extreme situations to bring thrill in the game.

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5. Hill School Bus

An uphill location increases the toughness of a driving game, especially when you have a large vehicle to drive. Driving a heavy bus to its ultimate destination is the task you need to fulfill. The hill area presents sharp turns in the beautiful view of the surroundings. Every successful driver drops children safely to their home.

The path to the destinations can seem crazy, but they all add excitement to the experience. In fact, the routes in this game are the most powerful feature that makes it different. You feel thrilled to control the bus when taking sharp turns.

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6. Modern City School Bus Simulator

In an urban city environment, you get to drive a school bus, manage parking, and handle passengers in a virtual yet realistic way. The paths can seem moderately difficult, but they all align with the real city traffic scenarios. Your ultimate task is to pick up and drop off students to and from schools.

The big city environment and smooth control systems impress you more with effective sounds attached to the scenarios.

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7. School Bus Driver 3D Simulator

TapinatorInc included some crazy missions with school bus driving simulations. This way, the game reaches to a whole new level. From the front seat, you get to explore the road without getting into messy traffic situations. Obstacles are critical and require focus, otherwise, you may face crash.

There are 30 fun missions with challenges that you will enjoy. The realistic traffic and top-notch sound effects make you more engaged in the game.

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8. Off Road School Bus

What happens when a school bus goes off the road?! You can explore this idea through Off Road School Bus Android game. The challenges in this game include off-road trails that make bus handling more difficult and adventurous. Road hurdles become crazier and you face certain limitations due to the off road trails.

A school bus doesn’t act like a monster truck. Hence, driving a bus on these roads requires a responsible nature and you have to follow some rules to keep your bus on the track.

The game offers a touch steering, tilts steering, and buttons to use when driving. The traffic has been designed with AI, which creates realistic scenarios when you use brakes or take turns.

These are the best and unique school bus games available on Android. You can choose any one that seems more suitable to your wish.

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