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12 Safety Tips Every Child should Know About

Monday November 7, 2016



Children like to play, explore and discover new things. It will help them to grow, learn, develop, become skillful and intrepid. As a parent, you always try to protect your children. But it is not possible for you to protect them throughout the day. And hence you can teach them certain safety rules or tips which help them to take care of themselves.

Here are the 12 safety tips you should teach your child for improving child road safety:

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1. Teach them about basic contact information

    If you teach your children about basic contact information, then it can be useful for them in times of an emergency. You may wonder about the contents in basic contact information. It can include your child's full name, your name, address, phone number, and location. You should repeatedly tell these details to your children, so that they may never forget about it later.  

2. Advise them not to go anywhere with strangers

    You should make your child aware of the fact that however tight the situation is, they should never approach or accompany a stranger. Also, tell them not to blindly believe a stranger who claims that “Your parent told me to get you”. 
     If you have arranged someone to get your child in times of emergency, tell them,  and if possible show them the picture of that person. Try to send someone whom you trust and you can rely upon like a grandparent, aunt, or a relative. You can create a safety code with your child and when someone shares that code, your child will be able to know it's okay to go with them.

3. Make your child aware about road safety

    Your children might be exposed to road related accidents and injuries, due to the lack of supervision and guidance. It will be better, if you do not allow your child to play near roads.

For ensuring their safety, here follows certain rules you should make your child aware of:

  • Before crossing the road – Look left, right and then left again
  • Cross the road by holding hands of an adult
  • Don't run or play near a road
  • Know about traffic signs and lights
  • Face the traffic if you walk on a road with no sidewalk
  • Try to get out of the vehicle on the pavement side only
  • Use a helmet while riding a bicycle, scooter or skateboard

4. Tell them to stand where they are, if they get lost

    Your children may panic a lot, when they get lost. If such situations occur, then as a parent, you can tell them to stay where they are, and inform the relevant authorities (if it is a school, inform the teacher, friend's parent or principal). And remind them not to wander aimlessly, and create further confusion. 

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5.  Warn them not to share personal information online

    Nowadays, even children are addicted to computers and hence, it is vital for you to give them appropriate safety lessons. You can teach your children not to reveal personal details such as phone number, residence details, age, school they attend etc. online. 

6.  Avoid using or carrying dangerous items

    You should advise children to avoid dangerous items such as knives, matchboxes, and other weapons for their safety. When you remove such items from your child's reach, tell them that such things are used by adults only and hence they should avoid it.

7. Teach them about good and bad attitude

    Children should be able to understand the difference between good and bad behaviours. It is your responsibility to teach and help them determine whether someone is behaving to them appropriately or not. Also, you can tell them that if some stranger tries to touch their body, they should immediately call out for help. You should also give certain exceptions such as for a doctor who has to touch them for taking care of injuries.

8. Instruct them not to keep secrets

    Secret keeping is a bad habit for elders as well as young ones. As a responsible parent, it is your duty to make them understand about the side effects of keeping secrets and reduce the fear of telling you about it. You should inculcate a feeling in them, that they can share those secrets freely to you and you will not make any judgements on the basis of it. 

9. Make your child aware of certain important contacts

    Obviously, your child may face difficulties in their school. Make sure that your child knows your contact number as well as the contact number of police (100) for handling emergency situations. This will help ensure safety for your child.

10.   Teach them about the importance of cleanliness

    Most children are unaware about the importance of cleanliness. You can teach it to them, and make them understand the consequences if they do not have proper cleanliness. Tell them to keep themselves and their surroundings clean. 

11.  Tell them to follow their instincts

    You can tell your child to follow their instincts, understand it's importance and thus be safe. Also, tell them not to do any activity that they are unsure or uncertain about, even if you feel isolated from a group.

12.  Make sure that your children can take care of themselves

    It is your responsibility to teach your children about safety and its importance in life. Hence, you can advise them to know about various safety rules and regulations and properly follow it at the right time.

Child road safety is very much important in today's busy world. Hence, it is crucial for you to teach your kid about basic safety rules and the importance of following them. There are certain simple rules you can make your kid learn right from childhood. But make sure that you use language that can be understood by them. Above all, you should make them understand about the fact that the key of safety is in their hands.

Be cautious, Life is precious

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