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11 Essential Road Safety Rules and Tips for Children

Friday October 14, 2016



As a parent, you cannot completely control your child once they become old enough to go all around by themselves either via school bus or via bicycle.  You can imagine a lot of wild and dangerous situations that your child is exposed to, especially, when they are alone.

A simply gully cricket game can put your child in danger as they run across the road to retrieve a ball without looking for vehicles. Even a leisurely journey with your children can be hazardous for them if they haven’t properly put their seat belt on.

Better safe than sorry!

Knowing and understanding about various safety rules can help you guide your children and protect them irrespective of how complicated a situation is. The following are certain road safety rules and information that you must be aware of.

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1. Hold hands while crossing the road 

You can ask your small child to hold the hands of parents, siblings or guardian while crossing the road.

2. Say no to running

Children often have a tendency to run across the road instead of holding elder’s hands. You can warn your children that if they go running on the road, they will not be able to play further with their friends.

3. Always look left and right

When your child grows older and becomes a teenager, you can allow them to cross the roads by themselves. Always remember the golden rule- “look to the left and right of the road at a green traffic light” even though it is a one-way road.

4. Try to cross at the zebra crossings

This is one of the simplest safety tips that you can make your kid follow. Crossing the street at the zebra crossing is the right way to be followed by every one of us. In addition to this, you will get more peace of mind, if there is the presence of a traffic police along with your child.

5. Aware of each traffic sign

Teach your children about various traffic signs and its significance. Here follows some signs and its meaning:

Red light signifies “stop” 

Yellow signifies “ stop, watch, and be safe”, it is a kind of warning that red light is about to appear soon

Green signifies “Go”

6. Always walk on the pavement

Usually, children learn anything through an example; if you show them to use the pavement and not walk on the street, they will be able to understand it well and form it as a habit.

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7. Confront the traffic

This is the rule that you always try to ignore, but is having paramount importance among other safety rules. The magnitude of traffic is increasing day by day. Always teach your children to walk in such a way that they can properly see the other vehicles that are coming their way.

When your child sees the traffic nearing them, it is possible for them to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Hence it is one of the essential road safety rules that your child may never forget in their life.

8.  Play within boundaries

As a parent, you should not allow your child to play beyond an explicit boundary. You can identify areas which are near to road or have heavy traffic and fix it as “ No playing zones” for your children. Also, you can advise them not to try to pick a toy or ball rolling out into the street, without any adult supervision.

9. Wear a helmet

You must make sure that your child wears a helmet while cycling. You must ask them to always wear a helmet, even though they are cycling within the designated boundary. This will help them to be safer in life.

10. Use bright or reflective clothes

Usually, you may not allow your children to go after dark. But, if a situation occurs where they must go out, you can make them wear bright or reflective clothes. This will help drivers to recognize them in the dark and avoid unnecessary crashes.

11. Be safe than feel sorry

Just like you tell your children to follow other rules, you should also tell them to be extra cognizant of everything they do on the street. You could tell them to use the seat belt, whenever they enter a car and not to use earphones or listen to music while riding a bicycle.

All the above road safety rules and tips can make a great difference in the safety of your children.

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