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User Management

Perfectly built to meet the purpose of various users at once!

As multi-level users can operate our system, it is built in a way to meet the needs of every user.

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  • Transport Manager

    Transport manager is bestowed with the tasks of scheduling and managing trips and fleets accordingly to meet school requirements. They are also provided with a specialized apps providing features like enhanced communication, instant alerts, push notifications etc.

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  • Fleet Manager

    Fleet Manager can access all the details related to their concerning fleet. As there would be many vehicles for a fleet owner, it is essential to keep an eye on all vehicles, fleet maintenance, tracking fleet etc can be done synchronizing manner using fleet manager app.

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  • Driver Console

    Driver Console App is used by drivers to get overall access of students in a school bus. Using this, a driver can systematically manage students, mark attendance, communicate with authorities or parents etc. It let drivers know all details of the upcoming stops, optimized routes too.

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  • Duty Roster

    It is one of the essentials to keep a systematic record of drivers, assistants, nannies or even vehicles schedules systematically.Duty Roster allows transport managers to have a clear view of the duties and hours of each scheduled drivers along with details of the vehicle.They can also track an available driver or a vehicle if needed.

  • Availability Calendar

    Using this excellent feature admin/Transport Manager can check the availability of vehicles, drivers and bus attendants in calendar format. It helps the transport manager to make sure the availability of drivers, vehicles and bus attendants while creating new trips or assigning to existing trips.

  • Driver Management

  • Bus Assistant Management