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  • Monitoring
    Real-time school bus monitoring
  • Real time Live Tracking
    Authorized person can track school bus in real-time
  • Distance
    School authorities can track total distance covered by the vehicle
  • Speed
    School authorities can track the vehicle’s speed details
  • Routing
    School authorities can create the route and bus stops
Manual Attendance*
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  • All features of Basic Monitoring
    Every feature of basic monitoring is included
  • Uses Smart Device
    Attendance is marked using smart devices
  • Driver Console
    Drivers can manage multiple tasks easily with the driver console app
  • Transport Manager App
    Transport managers can manage transportation efficiently with this app
Automated Attendance*
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  • All features of Manual Attendance except use of smart device
    We are using a combination of GPS tracker + RFID reader
  • Uses RFID (tap/swipe)
    Students have to swipe RFID while entering and getting down from the bus
  • Tracker Health Check
    School authorities can check the device status constantly
Contactless Attendance*
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  • Extended version of automated attendance using ultra-high-frequency devices
    Student attendance is marked without swiping the cards
  • Uses Wi-Fi Enabled Device
    Devices are connected to the server using WiFi
  • Email communication
    Concerned people can communicate via emails
School Bus Surveillance*
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  • School authorities can monitor school bus using CCTV cameras
    Inside view of the bus can be monitored on the screen
  • Live Surveillance Inside The Bus
    Videos will be streamed to the school authorities’ screen
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Frequently asked questions,answered.
Yes, ofcourse. We are glad to show you how our software works. You can request for a demo during the trial period. For more details, contact us.
It not at all an issue, our software is compatible with all the vehicles.
Yeah! We provide all the essential support you needed to ensure you have a good tracking experience.
No, we don’t force our clients for any long-term agreement; it depends on the clients and their requirements.
We prefer online payment through net banking. If you want offline payment or have any questions regarding payment, feel free to contact us.
We suggest depending on your requirements and budget.
Security is one of our important concerns which we take care of. Your details are never shared with any third party devoid of your permission.
No, you don’t have to pay any additional charge for technical support help as it is done via online. But if you want onsite technical support, you have to pay travel and accommodation charges.

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