Smart bands for ensuring your kids’ safety.

Mostly, kids are vulnerable to injuries, accidents, and other mishaps. As a parent, you will be nervous regarding their safety, especially when they are in the excursion or the playground. Nevertheless, smart bands can be an efficient substitute for RFID cards, as the card swiping is troublesome for kids. Why? At times, kids will lose their cards, forget to swipe, or will not be familiar with the swiping mechanism.


The smart bands can be effortlessly attached to your child and can be tracked from anywhere at anytime. Of course, with the bands, you will be able to swiftly locate the child and restrict their movements via the Geo-fencing alerts.


Kid’s safety at excursion


Considerably, we offer 100% security to your kids whenever they went for an excursion. Whenever a child goes for an excursion, you can monitor them and obtain instant alerts. Meanwhile, our software has recently included the Excursion feature, which is available only in our transportation software in addition to the usual school trips. With this feature, you can transport students for the excursion and safety of the kids will be ensured via smart bands.


Along with the software, we offer the smart bands with the Geo-fencing feature, which enables you to track your kids, record the attendance of kids, and safeguard them throughout the excursion. For instance, have a glimpse of the benefits offered by our smart bands:


Benefits of using our smart bands


  • Extended battery life – You can relish a battery life of minimum 1 year, without the requirement of recharging it


  • 100 % water and grime proof- the smart band we offer is waterproof and hence the band will not impair swiftly


  • Real-time tracking- you can track students in real-time, especially when they are in the excursion or playgrounds


  • Compatibility with iOS and Android platform- the smart band system is compatible with both the iOS and android platform


  • Utilize Bluetooth and location service- with the smart band, you will obtain Bluetooth and location service


  • Affordable- you can avail our smart band at a reasonable price


  • Worldwide availability- our smart band is available in almost every country


  • Instant alerts- similar to our tracking software, you will be able to obtain real-time alerts such as Geo-fencing alerts and it will be sent to parents and school authorities


  • Distance range is between 20m to 30m- you will be able to track students, who is within a distance of 20m to 30m


  • Available is varied sizes- the smart is mainly available in 3 sizes -small (13cm), medium (14cm), and large (15cm)


  • Able to recognize the last tracked location- you can track the last tracked location via a smart band


  • No additional fee- we will not demand an additional fee for smart band


  • Without Wi-Fi/cell data connection, the band works via Bluetooth connectivity- if the wi-fi connection is interrupted, the band can be operated via the Bluetooth feature


  • Devoid of errors- with our brilliant smart band, you can realize the location details, and those details will be error-free


Ensure your kid’s safety via our smart band. What are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity and contact Trackschoolbus ASAP.



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