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Seamless Trip Management

Specially designed to manage various trips flawlessly!

Transport providers have to manage more than one trip, so to carry out things effectively , our system has introduced various features to handle trips as well as fares easily.

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  • Multiple Trip Type management

    Apart from the usual trips our tracking system can offer more. We can manage several trips as mentioned below:

    • Scheduled trip- To manage student transportation on daily basis
    • Instant trip- To manage emergency situations
    • Excursion trip- To manage one day tours
    • Stay back trip- To manage extra classes/activity hours
    • Shuttle trip- To manage regular shuttle services connecting main locations

  • Vehicle Inspection Management

    It is always a better thing to carry out inspections regularly. Our system allows transport providers to set check list for vehicle inspection, thus the driver can check the vehicle condition before each trip and report to the authority. The drivers can access the inspection check list from Driver Console.

  • Transportation Fare Management

    It is always fair for a system to calculate the transportation fare effectively. In our system, admin can decide the transportation fare for monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly for both ways(one way/two way), based on the distance between the bus stop and school. The admin can also set the transportation fare for a single trip also, where the system will automatically calculate the transportation fare.There is provision for admin to create transportation fare as per their requirement.

  • Transport Area Management

    It is always wise to set geo-fencing for the vehicles you provide. So using this feature, transport providers can set the location based geo-fencing, thus not allowing any activity beyond the geo-fenced area. The system will also help the authority to create the geo-fence area based on school, bus stops, routes and vehicles to reduce the misuse.