Right assessment at the right time!!!

A comprehensive driving assessment to determine whether school bus drivers have the skills and abilities to drive safely…

Driver Assessment is an evaluation method to help you as a Transport Manager identify skill sets and knowledge of individual school bus drivers.

Feedback from the assessment can be utilized by drivers themselves to improve their driving skills and knowledge.

As a transport manager, driver evaluation is an objective evaluation process for determining,

Driver Assessment process

The assessment will last not more than 15 minutes

Drivers can attend the test on their mobile phone itself

Once drivers successfully complete the tests, it helps them to stay confident behind the wheels

Types of Driver Assessment

Hiring Process

The complete skill analysis of a school bus driver candidate cannot be assessed by just face-to-face interviews. A proper driver assessment can resolve this. So during hiring process, certain points such as basic qualification, background check, training, license, endorsement etc are evaluated.

Health Assessment

Health plays a vital role when it comes to school bus drivers. A thorough physical and mental health checkup is done often. Major areas focused upon includes- pathology tests, pulmonary function tests, audiometric, vision tests, ECG, body fat analysis etc.

Emergency Assessment

Preparedness for emergency situations! Bus drivers may face emergency situations at times, like mishaps while driving, situations to evacuate a school bus, etc. So, giving drivers basic training on how to handle emergency can really help.

Essential Assessment

Apart from regular transportation, school bus drivers should possess certain skills to successfully perform their roles. Essential assessment examines a driver on these specific skills. The areas assessed are - driver’s communication, bus conduct, vehicle safety, reason and problem solving, record maintenance, patience etc.

Driver Behavior Assessment

Driver Behavior Assessment is done to assess the behavioral patterns of school bus drivers. A driver needs to be assessed how he/she behaves during a trip.Driver behavior is associated with the driver ranking system in which the driving skills of drivers are thoroughly assessed.

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Benefits of Driver Assessment

Why Driver Assessment?

Since drivers are an essential part of the school bus transportation system, they should be alert while driving the vehicle as students entirely depend on them in case of any emergency.

Proper training programs and assessments should be performed before assigning the role of school bus driver to a person.

Let’s see how driver assessment works

The assessment system evaluates school bus driver abilities against a comprehensive set of physical and cognitive parameters they are bound to come across while handling school buses.

Driver Assessment helps drivers and transport managers to distinguish the pros and cons of school bus drivers’ ability and identify what can be done to improve safe driving practices.

Driver Console App - A Perfect Platform For Driver assessment

School bus drivers are also given the responsibilities of student safety. “Driver Console App’ is a perfect companion for school bus drivers to solve the hurdles they are facing. This app lets drivers to manage students effectively, communicate with parents, mark student attendance etc. “Driver Assessment’ is a unique feature available on Driver Console App; it has been implemented exclusively for drivers as it will help them to rectify their mistakes thereby improving their driving skills.

“Driver Assessment” helps transport managers to have an overall effective fleet management and a healthy driver behavior under your control!!!


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