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Managing children in an excursion trip would not be an easy task for you. Make it easy with our all new “Excursion Trip”. This advanced software allows the transport manager to create a team of students and schedule the trip with the starting & end point, contact person, assigning driver and assistant and vehicle to the trip. In addition, smart bands are employed for extra safety


  • Transport students for the excursion trip, one day trip, etc
  • Instant trip option for any kind of unexpected or unplanned trips
  • Manage student attendance
  • Smart wrist bands can be used to track students as well as for marking attendance
  • With the driver console or attendant app, attendance can be recorded and navigate in between start and end location
  • Linked to parent app and can track student attendance and vehicle
  • Auto routing to navigate in between start and end location
  • Data safety and security
  • Smart Notifications to all concerned profiles
  • Geofencing for student proximity risk management
  • Save Historical Trip details