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Elegant Card Management

Smart cards to operate smartly!

Cards are used in our system to serve different purposes like marking attendance, real-time tracking etc. Various cards like trip card, green card, driver and assistant cards etc are incorporated in our system.

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  • Driver and Assistant Cards

    Maintaining a proper attendance of every person would sound great!

    So apart from student attendance, DRIVER AND ASSISTANT CARDS let them to mark their attendance by swiping their card before and after the trip.

  • Trip card

    As transport provider owns many vehicles, it would be confusing for them to keep an eye on all vehicles which are taking different trips and routes. So, in order to sort this out, we have introduced Trip cards. Every bus will have this card and drivers or attendants can swipe the card before the trip. It let transport provider to track each vehicle also in real time.

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  • Green Card

    Imagine one of the students forgets to bring his/her id card. There would be no way to mark attendance. GREEN CARD would be the perfect solution in such a scenario, along with a notification sent to the parent mentioning the marking of attendance by bus assistant.

  • Student card/RFID Cards

    Parents are always bothered about their child’s safety. So taking into consideration, we have introduced Student RFID cards. It is similar to the identity cards. This smart card is embedded with student data. Using this, students can mark attendance, track them in real-time etc. Parents are notified when their child get on and off from the school bus. This RFID cards ensures child safety.