Efficient Station Management

Super control in the hands of transport providers!!!

Transport providers are bestowed with the duties associated with stations. Our system has incorporated various features for the smooth functioning of the station.



Station management

Transport managers are bestowed with the duties of managing all the vehicles and stations in a systematic way. Transport providing company has all provision for managing multiple stations and multiple schools. The admin has the facility to access any school or station from a single point or can control things with ease.

Anomalies Management

Driving carelessly? Not parking in the allotted area? Student dropped in the wrong bus stop?

Whatever unusual the situation is, don’t get anxious!!!

Any activity that is not normal, are rightly reported by our system as ‘Anomalies’. They are notified to the concerned user roles and thereby acted upon. There is also an escalation system to check the unresolved issues.

Solid security

Any activity that is not normal, are rightly reported by our system as ‘Anomalies’. They are notified to the concerned user roles and thereby acted upon. There is also an escalation system to check the unresolved issues.

Access Rights Management

We are really privileged to showcase our software, which is customized with the provision for multiple-users. To make this system more accessible, transport providers can create different user roles as required and the sections can be assigned accordingly.

Effortless activation of add-ons

As our system is packed with many features, it is also built brilliantly. From the long list of features, modules and user roles we have as add-ons, admins or transport providers can enable/disable these add-ons as required.

Multiple Schools Management

It is bliss for transport providers to manage multiple schools at once. With this feature, stations (ie, transport providers) can create multiple schools, and can manage all these school accounts from a single point effortlessly.

Multi Lingual facility with Easy modifiable from back end

It is a plus point to add your desired language to this system right!!! We provide multi lingual facility for transport providers offering English, Arabic and Spanish languages. Language can be easily customized from the back-end.

Parking Slot Management

Proper parking for each vehicle is necessary for a better tracking system. Using this feature, transport providers can assign parking slot for each vehicles. Transport managers can check whether the drivers are parking school vehicles in their allotted area or not. It prevents the misuse of vehicles.

Parking Slot Attendance

This enables the Transport Manager to check whether all the vehicles are parked where they are supposed to be.

Parking Slots Auto Suggest and Auto Approval

It allows you to set the number of suggestions/ anomalies to create the new parking slots.

Common Students Management across schools

It would be difficult for transport provider to view student details manually. So our system has made it convenient for transport providers to manage student details across schools from a single point. They can access student details like school, class, pick up point, boarding point etc. They can add as well as edit student details accordingly.

Common vehicle management across school / station / transport provider

It is essential for transport providers to have an eye on all vehicles. To make this happen, our system has rightly built an exclusive feature to can help manage all vehicles across school, station or transport provider from a single point. Station manager can access and manage all vehicles effortlessly. They can add/edit vehicle details as needed.

Command Centre

What if a transport Manager to has a comprehensive view of all fleet related activities?

A feature where all information is continuously streamed on big screens for monitoring purpose, for notifying and displaying alerts, exceptions, etc. Command Centre provides a transport provider with all these features. Let’s know more about the advantages of Command Center:

  • Monitor bus through Live Video Streaming
  • Ensure safe driving practices
  • Alerts for over speeding, over acceleration or sudden braking
  • Increase bus efficiency through improved driver monitoring
  • Reduce driver complaints – No route deviations, skipped stops, unwanted delays
  • Optimize vehicle operations to reduce costs
  • Manage complete Fleet Operations
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