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“Female School Bus Attendant Compulsory”, says State Road Transport Authority of Madhya Pradesh

Thursday September 22, 2016



State Road Transport Authority of Madhya Pradesh made female school bus attendant compulsory to ensure school bus safety for girls.

The decision was taken in response to Supreme Court guideline which mentions that school authorities should compulsorily appoint female school bus attendants.

"There must be a female attendant/teacher/female driver or conductor in the bus when it is ferrying girl students," the guideline states.

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Girl students may feel unsafe and uncomfortable if there is no female attendant in the school bus. To avoid such situation, principal or co-ordinator must take initiative to appoint female school bus attendant. 

Indore regional transport office said that school bus management approved the resolution for safe and secure school bus journey for girl students.

 "The RTA has passed a resolution on Monday in which it has made it clear that every school has to have at least one female attendant on all of their buses which are used to ferry girl students", said Indore regional transport officer, MP Singh.

The new resolution will be circulated to all schools of the district. "This will also allow transport department to initiate legal action against the school management or authorities if they fail to abide by this rule," Singh added.


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